Introducing – Ted’s Most Excellent gel food

I have been working for the past few months on a Repashy Superfood formula of my own, and it is now ready to be offered for sale.  I am calling it Ted’s Most Excellent, because it is truly a food that benefits a lot of different kinds of fish.  I have not found anything that will not eat it…. yet.  Let me know if you do!

Here is a video of the food in action:


TME started out as three different foods, each designed to meet a specific goal.  They were eventually combined into one, and TME was born.  Those goals were:

  • Make a conditioning diet for breeding fish that can replace black worms, especially for Corydoras sp. and Apistogramma sp.  I use a lot of black worm, and they are expensive.  The food I designed has allowed me to cut my black worm use by 2/3… and I have reports from breeders who tested the food for me that they were able to get good production with no black worms at all when feeding this food!
  • Make a highly nutritious diet that triggers fish to feed quickly so that wild fish can get good food during quarantine and be acclimated before they ship.  TME does this.  I use it with everything within a few hours after the fish arrive in the fish room, and everything is eating it readily within a couple days.
  • Make a food so packed with nutrition that fish can be fed less of it less frequently with no malnutrition.  I need the food to do this so I can spend less money feeding fish, and so that a well fed fish can be purged and shipped, often no seeing any food for 3-5 days, with no ill effects on the fish.  TME has proven very effective at keeping purged fish in good condition, even small tetras.

The biggest difference between TME and the other Repashy Superfood diets is that I chose more expensive ingredients and use them in higher concentrations.  Think of TME as a ‘super premium’ Repashy gel food.  All the advantages of Repashy Superfood… but amplified.

The keys to the food’s success are in what is in the food, and what is NOT in the food.  I emphasized proteins that are very attractive to all fish:  mussel, insect, krill, squid, shrimp, fruit…  And I stayed away from flavors that can turn some fish off, namely fish.  There are no fish proteins in this diet at all.  Piscivore species are just as attracted to mollusks and crustaceans, so there is no harm in leaving the fish out.  The result is a fish food that fish are immediately attracted to the first time they smell it.

Ted’s Most Excellent is available in the Stock Shop in the standard Repashy jars sizes that I carry: 3oz, 6oz, 12oz and 70.4oz (2 kg).  Please check it out.  You will also find the ingredients list and nutritional analysis in the Stock Shop:

Ted’s Most Excellent in the Stock Shop

14 Replies to “Introducing – Ted’s Most Excellent gel food”

  1. I would like to try your excellent gel food but I hating mixing food and such. Are u planning to make them in pellet form for easy to feed and storage??? I would like that.

    1. Sorry… but they food has to be mixed. You can mix it, chop it up and dehydrate it into pellets, but that is even more work. The benefit of this not being a pellet or flake food is that less than 5% of the dry mass is non-nutritional binder, and that binder is water-soluble. Commercial pellet foods are closer to 30-40%.

  2. Just ordered some of this. I have high hopes that it will spark the appetite of my precious Golden Ram (whom I have named Horatio). He has had a tough time recovering from a bad infestation of Gill flukes (finally had to buy another tank to quarantine him). He is doing better, but in the process of trying to medicate him he has decided that his previous food (Hikari Gold cichlid pellets- baby size) are horrible and will not eat them at all (spits them out). So far I have been feeding him frozen blood worms, but I am hoping that I can make a small ‘brick’ with this food for him to eat through the day.

    I will let you know how he receives it. *fingers crossed*

    1. Hi Jennifer… the jar went out in today’s mail, so you will have it soon. For rams, introduce the food in small, crumbled pieces at the same time you feed a food the fish knows. It may not eat the gel at first. If the fish is stubborn, let it fast for a day or two and try again. The smell and flavor of the food is right… it is the texture that the fish do not recognize. Once they start eating it, they love it.

      1. Hi Ted,

        I ordered some of your most excellent food to interchange with soilent green for my large orandas and my smaller ones as well. Will it also work for our Betta?

        So did Repashy make the food to your specifications for you? I am not quite understanding but was very impressed with the ingredients.

          1. Hi Ted,

            Thanks for your most excellent and quick response. How does the gel food prepared compare to a pellet serving? The Betta gets two 1/2mm pellets twice daily. Should I just drop a small gel chunk in there to see how much he eats?



          2. Gel food has a lot less non-nutritional matter than a typical pellet does… compared dry mass to dry mass. However, there is a lot of water in the prepared gel. I would start with a very small amount of gel… 1/4″ cube… crush it for the betta for the first couple feedings so it can grab it more easily. After a couple feedings the betta will learn to tear up an uncrushed cube.

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