Cataclysm 2015 Video

We are about 50 days out from the inaugural Catalysm event hosted by the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists, and there are already a lot of fish in ‘storage’ for the rare catfish auction.  So many that I set up a 150-gallon display tank to house some of them, and am going to show videos of the tank on a regular basis until the event.  So what about Cataclysm?

  • October 16 – 18, 2015
  • Great speakers – Mike Hellweg, Barbie Fiorentino, Nathan Lujan, Rob McLure, Stephan Tanner
  • Rare catfish auction held through out the day on Saturday (17th)
  • All aquarium swap meet on Sunday
  • Vender room and room sellers
  • Food and beverage
  • An open house in my fish room on Friday afternoon

You can see the details at, where you can also register for the event.  Also check out the FaceBook page: which is where we will make a lot of updates and announcements.

What about this tank?  Well… it is a 150-gallon Aqueon aquarium.  The stand and filter system are from  The light is from Current USA.  In all, there are bits and pieces of this set from as many of the Cataclysm sponsors as I could cover.  I will be making a video about that too…  Here is the introduction of some of the great fish into the tank:

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