Breeding Project: Endler’s Livebearers and Small Guppies

I have been looking for an opportunity to start working with some small livebearer species for a while, but I have not pulled the trigger on buying small groups of fish that would take a long time to build up into a good size colony.  I want some livebearers types that are desirable as aquarium subjects, but will also produce enough culls to feed my growing collection of small predatory fish like dwarf pike cichlids and small wolf fish.  A member of our local club (Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists), Jeff Zwicker, recently posted an ad to sell his colonies of Endler’s livebearers and other guppy types, so I took a trip out to see them… and made a purchase.  Six different colonies!  Enjoy the video….

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  1. I’ve heard that the females in livebearers actually have more effect on the offspring than the males. Not sure if that’s true, but are you also culling females for colors or fins? I’ve heard of people turning feeder guppies into really great colonies through intensive culling – interesting stuff!

    1. I don’t know the specifics of guppy gender inheritance with relation to color. There must be a connection, however, for the males to be so colorful. But the color genes must be in the female somewhere, since you can induce the colors to present with hormones. Going the culling the colony route will take a long time, but also takes one tank.

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