A Tank for Apistos

The new fish room is functional and I am in the process of getting my aquariums set up for keeping the fish that I have on hand; and for some fish that have come my way that I simply cannot pass up, regardless of whether I am ready for them or not!  All 21 of the 30-breeder aquariums in the fish room will be aqua-scaped long-term homes for different species, many of which are from soft, black-water biotopes.  I was experimenting with using planted tank ‘soils’ over int he old fish room, and I like the affect that they have on the pH in a soft water tank, so I am going to incorporate these soils into the aquariums where I want the water to be very soft and acidic.  This video will show you how I am setting up a tank as one of these soft, black-water biotopes for a group of Apistogramma sp. ‘Miua’ and cardinal tetras.

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  1. Very nice tank. Ive been dabbling in apistos myself. When you add straight RO to the tabk is there any buffer to maintain ph? I have a pair of caucatuids I started on 7.5ph tap. Lots of breeding activty but no fry. So i have neen slowly switching to RO a few gallons every few days. Currently im about 33% RO goal is 50/50 or 66/33 if nothing after a few months at 50/50

    1. I run R/O straight into the tanks for the fish that I want the water as soft as possible. Cacatuoides does not usually need water all that soft or acidic, so a 50/50 split is probably fine.

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