Breeding Project – Dawkinsia rohani


I have had a small group of four Rohani barbs for about 5 years.  They have been living in my 150-gallon display tank in my living room for quite a while.  I have always intended to try to induce them to spawn and raise some fry, and now that time has come.  There were two challenges to overcome.

  • Space requirements – These are not small barbs!  The males are over 4″, and they use the entire 150-gallon tank chasing each other and displaying for the females.  I think that they could get by spawning in a 75-gallon, but I do not have an open tank that big to move them to.  So I had to figure out a way to collect eggs from them in the 150 they are in.
  • No information – Everyone I asked about spawning this species told me that it has not been done.  I do not believe that to be true, but there is certainly no information about raising the fry.  The process to hatch the eggs and rear the fry will be trial and error until the requirements are figured out.

The first video will show the spawning, egg collection and first attempt at hatching.  Enjoy…

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  1. Hi Ted. Very nice barbs that seem eager to spawn. I have an off topic question. Looks like you have a pair of Pelvicachromis humilis in the same tank as the barbs. Have you bred this species? My pair (wild caught) are large vigorous fish. They eat anything I give them and are not at all shy. They are in a 25 gallon tank with soft water and lots of flower pots for breeding sites. The male shows little aggression toward the female, and she is not bullied by him. But they have not spawned since I purchased them several months ago. Any ideas about how to trigger a spawn? Many thanks for any advice.

    1. Hi Tim…. I only have a female Wallaceochromis humilis in that tank (recently moved to a new genus along with W. rubrolabiatus and W. signatus). I have spawned them several times when I have pairs. I would try a different kind of cave. Something with a roomy, closed interior and an opening just large enough for the male to slip into. Flower pots on their side are a little too open.

  2. I have a trio of D. rohani in a heavily planted 29g tank with a sump. One day to my surprise I found 2 fry in the sump. They look unlike the D. rohani adults with 4 vertical stripes and a red mark on the dorsal. Presumably juvenile coloration. The only other fish in the tank are 3 Odessa barbs which have on numerous occasions produced fry the same way (found in sump).

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