Breeding Project – Dawkinsia rohani – Part 2

The first attempt to raise the fry of the Rohani barb was unsuccessful, so I collected a LOT more eggs and tried again.  I tried a few different ways to incubate the eggs, but the end result was that the best method was to use a filtered incubator aquarium with subdued light.  Just like I tried the first time.  I think that the original batch of eggs were infertile.  That is not uncommon with larger egg scatterers that have not laid eggs in a long time.  Takes a while to work the old eggs out.  I have had this happen with Congo tetras too.

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  1. Ted,
    This is exactly the sort of video I really enjoy. Harkens back to the Breeders Challenge series of articles in TFH that ran a few years ago. How about some tetras next?

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