Cataclysm 2017

Registration for Cataclysm 2017, hosted by the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists, is live.  This will be the second running of this catfish-themed convention.  The inaugural event took place in October of 2015, and was a lot of fun.  Several things have changed for 2017, including moving to a large, and nicer, hotel.  The logo is a link to the website, and some details follow:



Dates:  September 22-24, 2017

Where:  Crowne Plaza – Madison, Wisconsin


  • Julian Dignal – owner of Planet Catfish and world traveler.  Julian will most likely be talking about oddball catfish and a travel log
  • Eric Bodrock – easily on of the world’s authorities on breeding fish in general, and especially Corydoras catfish
  • Jeremy Basch – quickly becoming a world authority on spawning oddball catfish, especially wood cats.  Jeremy was the first to spawn the jaguar catfish, Liasomadoras oncinus
  • Charles Meuller – a newcomer to the speaker ranks.  Charles specializes in breeder the challenging lip-brooding species such as Pseudohemiodon and Planiloricara, as well as the very challenging Pseudacanthicus plecos. 

Rare Catfish Auction:  In 2015 we had 87 lots of different uncommon to exceedingly rare catfish in our rare catfish auction, and we intend to hit 100 bags in 2017!  The rare fish auctions take place between speakers on Saturday.

Hospitality Suite:  Wisconsin = Food = Beer….  need I say more?

Banquet:  Yes… were are adding a Saturday evening banquet and speaker to the program in 2017

Sunday Auction:  The Sunday auctions will be an all-species fish and plant event, not just catfish!

Raffles/Silent Auctions:  We will again have a wide array of supplies and equipment for auction and raffle, including some tank and stand combos.

Vendors: We have doubled the amount of space we can provide to vendors, and will do our best to fill that space.  Room sales are also encouraged.

Why a ‘catfish’ event?…  There is a catfish that is applicable to any aquarium genre, from nano planted tanks to giant tank-buster tanks.  There are a lot of cichlid events every year.  There are many killifish shows every year.  At least one major livebearer convention.  A huge marine convention (and many smaller).  And even a MASSIVE all-aquarium event that is held every year.  Until Cataclysm, the aquarium hobby in the USA had one great catfish-specific event every other year (All-American Catfish Convention).  Now there is a catfish event EVERY YEAR.  

Even if you are not specifically a catfish fanatic, there is something for everyone at Cataclysm.  There will be plenty of non-catfish to buy, and plenty of buyers to sell your fish to.  The vendors are certainly not catfish specific, and neither are the donated raffle and silent auction items.  And the camaraderie at an aquarium event like Cataclysm may be the best reason of all to attend.  We hope to see you in Madison next September.  Register early!  We will have some giveaways happening over the next several months, and the longer you are registered, the greater your chances are of winning something.

What’s New?

Lots…  Lots of new.  Since the last time I paid any attention to this blog I have closed the warehouse fish room and closed the eCommerce website.  Tough couple of months.  Let’s just say that I am glad I have a very supportive family and group of friends.  It is hard to pull the plug on a dream.

I do have a new fish room in my basement, and I am very happy with it so far.  Twenty one 30Br tanks that are all going to be aquascaped ‘biotope tanks, eight each 15’s and 20L’s, ten 10’s and four 75’s.  All plumbed to a floor drain.  Very manageable, and all are hobby tanks.  Three years ago I expanded the business side of my hobby because I was getting bored with keeping and breeding fish.  I am now re-energized for keeping and breeding, and very happy to set aside the selling.  I will be able to travel more and keep up with the blog, both of which are more important to me than selling fish.  I will miss importing fish… opening dozens of boxes of rare fish is a LOT of fun.

The is operational again, but not automated.  Fish that will be for sale will be mostly fish that are produced in the fish room.  Some wild fish will be available from time to time.  When I get new stock I generally buy a couple dozen, choose my breeders and then sell off the rest.  Please check back frequently, because the number of fish I will have will never be high, and items that appear on the list will probably disappear quickly.

There will be a video of the new fish room coming up in the next week or so.  Then some videos of the ‘working displays’ I am currently getting settled in.

Thanks for reading!

Silane Shrimp Pre-order is on!

I am excited to announce that Dilwyn Tng of Silane Shrimp and I have agreed to bring his shrimp into the USA.  Silane Shrimp sells livestock to some of the best shrimp dealers in Asia and Europe.  My intention is to add Silane shrimp to my regular livestock inventory, but for this first order I have a pre-order opportunity going.  The number of different varieties is too big, and I need some help figuring out what to buy (and what not to buy).  The pre-order prices are 20-40% lower than what I think the retail prices will be, so this is a good opportunity to load up on a lot of different shrimp.  I played fish-tetris all day in the fish room today, and emptied 50 tanks to get ready for this order!

Here are the links to the order forms.  Two different Excel spreadsheet order forms that are interactive… hopefully one of them will work for you.  If you cannot use the Excel files, there is also a PDF, but it is read-only.  If you cannot use the Excel sheets, submit the order from the PDF list.  Please include item number and item name with your order.

Excel 1 (.xlsx file)

Excel 2 (.xls file)


The details are on each of the files, but here are the basics:

  • Orders are due to me by Sunday, December 27
  • Shrimp will arrive to me the week of January 4
  • Shrimp will be acclimated, quarantined and treated (if necessary) the week of their arrival
  • Shipment to you will be the week of January 11 (weather permitting) by FedEx Priority Overnight
  • There are minimums per shrimp (10 in most cases) and a $30 overall minimum order
  • You will not be invoiced for the shrimp until we know what will be shipped to you. Payment due before shipping.

Paradigm Fish Food!!!!

New in the Stock Shop…  Paradigm Fish Food

Dehydrated foods are becoming very popular, and with good reason.  Unlike flake and pellet foods, dehydrated foods are not subjected to extremely high temperatures that degrade the nutritional value.  Paradigm is one of the first thoughtfully produces dehydrated diets that is being distributed for retail sales.  I like the food.  The fish eat it, and appear to be in good health.  I feed a lot of different foods, and I still feed gel diets as the staple in my fish room.  But sometimes it is just easier to sprinkle a dry food in the tank.  I also like for my fish to see a wide range of foods, so that they are apt to eat anything, so adding a dehydrated food to the line up was going to happen at some point.  And Paradigm Fish Foods meet the quality ingredient standards are require.  Here is a link to the Stock Shop page with the food:  Paradigm Fish Food

Pre-order Opportunity for Sept. 21

Hello Everyone….

A couple highlights on the list (and the reasons I am ordering)…

Crenicichla compressiceps… the dwarf green pike cichlid and a very attractive price. I have been passing on this species from other suppliers because the retail price would have been $50/fish. They are on this list for $22.99.

Apistogramma rupununi… not the flashiest apisto, but still a nice, uncommon fish at $9.99 each.

Apistogramma agassizii… these fish are from Brazil, but there is no indication from where in Brazil. They could be from anywhere, or even a mix. But Brazillian aggies are different from Peru aggies, and at $11.99 each they are half the price wild pairs from Brazil are going for right now.

L201 and L204 plecos at $19.99 each!!!

Scleromystax barbatus…. WILD… $22.99 each. The last time I saw this species offered wild they were retailing for $50/fish. But the price is not the issue here. Are the fish really S. barbatus? They could be one of the other Scleromystax, which would make them an fantastic deal.

I am in this for the Sclero and the pikes…. jump on if you want something! I need these pre-orders by MONDAY morning 9:00 AM (CST). Sorry for the short turnover. Order details are on the spreadsheet. This time around the file type is .xls, so you should be able to open it. I have also included a .pdf copy, but it is not interactive.

EXCEL ORDER FORM                             PDF VERSION

Have a great weekend!


Pre-sale Opportunity Next Week

Here is a presales opportunity for this month. This supplier is a USA-based importer/wholesaler who gets a lot of fish from South America and West Africa. He has some Corydoras, Synodontis and westie cichlids I am after, so I figured we would start the ‘season’ with a presale.

Download the Pre-sale spreadsheet here: SA-WA_preorder_Sep2015

  • fill out the spreadsheet and return it to me by TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at 6:00 PM CST
  • the fish will arrive to me on Thursday or Friday next week
  • you will be invoiced via PayPal for the fish and Overnight shipping (based on your shipping address) sometime that weekend after the fish arrive
  • fish will ship the following week… there is a section on the spreadsheet to tell me the day you want the fish to arrive
  • I can also deliver fish to the GCCA swap on 9/3, or you can pick the fish up before 9/17
  • Stock Shop disocunts our coupon codes are not applicable to pre-sale orders (the presale price is 30-50% below retail)

If you cannot manipulate the spreadsheet, please send me an email with everything that the spreadsheet asks for and your order. The email address to use is TJUDY@TEDSFISHROOM.COM

If you want to order something from the Stock Shop, please place the order through the website. When you are in the cart at checkout, choose ‘Pick Up’ so that the cart does not charge you shipping. Submit the order with a note telling me to ship the order with your pre-sale order.

Happy September!

Pre-Sales Opportunity – Czech Dwarf Cichlids

I am offering a pre-sales opportunity to order dwarf cichlids from the Czech Republic this week.  Here is a link to the downloadable order spreadsheet:

Czech Preorder

Please read the instructions and notes at the top of the spreadsheet.  Here are the essentials:

  • Orders are due by Wednesday, July 8.
  • Fish will arrive to me on July 13.
  • You will receive an invoice for your fish and overnight shipping on Tuesday, July 14, please pay by Wednesday, July 15.
  • Fish will be fed on Monday & Tuesday, then purged on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Fish will ship to you on Thursday afternoon for Friday AM arrival, unless we make other arrangements before I accept your order.

All the prices are per fish, even on the lines that say ‘pairs’.  Those line items are SUPPOSED to be shipped in even sex ratios.  Fish will be shipping to you in the sex ratio that I get them.  Expect even ratios, or close to it.  Please do not order one-sided ratios, such as 1 male and three females.  I cannot ask Czech for that, and get what I get.  Neither can I guarantee the quality or size of the fish, but I have ordered many times from this supplier and have been happy with the stock that arrives 95% of the time.

I do not have pictures of the different fish.

That’s about it… contact me if you have any questions.

New TedsFishroom Stock Shop & Store

After months of work figuring out how to do it, the new Stock Shop and Store website is operational!  Hopefully this new site will make ordering livestock, Repashy Superfood and supplies easier than before.

Please register as a customer on the site.  No purchase necessary.  Customers (as opposed to Guests and Visitors) we have access to bigger discounts on sale items and other incentives.

Put the site through its paces, and let me know if you find any bugs.  I am really nervous about this launch!

Click to logo below to go see the new site:


Client Unpacking Video

Thank you S. T. for making this short video of unpacking one of my shipments.

New Repashy Superfood Sizes

There are now two new sizes for Repashy Superfood, 12oz and 70.4oz.  These are replacing the discontinued 16oz and 64oz.  I am also discontinuing the 6oz size, because there is little advantage to buying a 6oz jar when the 12oz jar is available for not that much more.  The 3oz jars will continue to cost $8.99.  This is intended to be an introductory size.  The larger sizes are a better value per ounce of food.  The 6oz jars are still in inventory, but will disappear as they are sold out.

The new packaging is plastic jars, which hold up better over time than the foil bags.  The 70.4 oz jar includes a convenient scoop.