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New Fish This Week

A small, but interesting order arrived today with fish from West Africa and South America… all WILD fish:

  • Corydoras adolfoi, duplicareus & davidsandsi
  • Apisto. mixed species (looks like pertensis, gephrya & aggie… all wild from Brazil)
  • Dicrossus filamentosus
  • Pelvicachromis taeniatus ‘Lobe’ & ‘Makoure’
  • Pelvicachromis humilis ‘Friya’
  • Enigmatochromis lucanusi (the blue fin ‘krib’)
  • Nannostomus marginatus – dwarf pencilfish
  • Polypterus ornatipinnis – ornate bicher 7″!!!
  • Otocinclus affinis
  • Atya gabonense – vampire shrimp
  • Fundulopanchax deltaensis – a mop-spawning killi from Nigeria



Plants on Monday!!!!!!



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I am going to try something new… a newsletter.  Right now the plan is to send one out once each month with updates about the blog, hobby events, industry news and anything else that is timely and not something that I would normally put in a blog post.  I am also going to use the newsletter to offer specials and discounts on livestock and products.  Please sign up for the newsletter at the top of the right hand side bar.  If you do not like it you can always unsubscribe at any time.

If you are a customer who has already purchased from me, you may be getting a customer newsletter as well.  These will go out every other week with current stock lists, specials, clearance items and anything else I want to offer my customers in way of thanks for the support.  How can you get on that list?  Place and order!

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Another Unknown Apisto…

This fish came in being sold as ‘black chin’, which it most definitely is not…

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March 8, 2014 · 4:21 am

2 x 350 Aquarium Makeover

Here is a video of a recent aquarium makeover I did.  The tanks are two 350-gallon monsters set side by side so that they look like one long 700-gallon tank.  These aquariums have been running for several years, and were not very well maintained.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), the previous keeper was unable (or unwilling) to keep the filters clean, and the owners went looking for someone else to do the job.  I apologize for the iPhone video.  I did not think about documenting the project when I started, and the phone was all I had with me when I realized I should probably make a blog video.


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The Aquatic Experience

Here is an event I am very sorry to miss.  The Aquatic Experience is happening right now for the first time.  This is the first all aquarium consumer trade show I know of ever happening in the USA.  Lots of all pet industry shows, but this one is just for the fish geeks.  If you are anywhere near Chicago, you should go.  If you are no near Chicago, try for a cheap flight into O’Hare (relatively near the event) and get there.  This video is really just a preview.  I was able to godown there today and shoot it.  GO TO THE EVENT!!!!  (go to to get specific information)

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Shipping Fish Again… New Stock List

Summer is coming to an end, and I am now back to getting in some fish.  Watch the blog for some video posts about what I have been doing all summer.  Here is a link to the current stock list.  Jump on these fish early, especially the wild fish from Peru.  I do not have many and when they are gone they are gone until next year.

Stock List

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Wild Manatees

Matthew and I were in southwest Florida a couple weeks ago for the first Florida Aquarium Fish Expo in Ft. Meyers.  We took a morning field trip to hie around in Lovers’ Key State Park, and came across a group (pod? herd?) of manatees swimming around in a shaded backwater area.  We heard them first, and it took us a few minutes to figure out what all the noise was.  We have seen wild manatees before, but not in this kind of setting.  The most visible animals were a calf and its mother.  Neat experience…

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New Repashy Superfoods!

Allen Repashy has released six new gel superfoods for fish, and they are all now available on TedsFishroom.  Two diets are intended for use in freshwater.  Morning Wood is a meal replacement designed for wood scrapers, and Redrum is the high carotenoid color enhancer food we have been asking for.  (Click on images for more specific information).

Redrum-PDP Morning Wood

All has also released the first four marine diets:  Reef Hunter, Reef Prowler, Reef Scraper and Spawn & Grow – Saltwater.  Marine fish have different nutritional requirements than freshwater fish, and these diets have been produced to meet those needs.  Reef Scraper is truly unique in that it matches the diet of reef aufwuchs scrapers perfectly.  Moorish idols thrive on Reef Scraper!  Try is with any of the tangs or surgeon fish.  Spawn & Grow – Saltwater does for marine fish breeders what the freshwater version have proven to freshwater fish breeders:  condition breeders fast and effectively, grow fry faster, healthier ans with fewer losses.

Reef Prowler Spawn & Grow Salt Water Reef Scraper Reef Hunter

All of these foods are available here:  Repashy Superfoods

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Livestock list changes…

I have changed how my list is posted in the Livestock section.  Trying to keep up with the tables has become a pain.  Now there is a link ot a downloadable PDF document price list.  I will use the space on the livestock page to post pictures of fish in stock and describe some of the highlights.

Weather is finally starting to warm up, so I think we can start 2nd Day AM shipments next week.  There are a lot of cool fish in the room right now…

Click here to download the In Stock List

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I have a LOT of plants arriving tomorrow.  The plant table at the bottom of the livestock list has been updated, and we have a good window of opportunity to ship on Tuesday – Thursday this week.

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