Introducing – Ted’s Most Excellent gel food

I have been working for the past few months on a Repashy Superfood formula of my own, and it is now ready to be offered for sale.  I am calling it Ted’s Most Excellent, because it is truly a food that benefits a lot of different kinds of fish.  I have not found anything that will not eat it…. yet.  Let me know if you do!

Here is a video of the food in action:


TME started out as three different foods, each designed to meet a specific goal.  They were eventually combined into one, and TME was born.  Those goals were:

  • Make a conditioning diet for breeding fish that can replace black worms, especially for Corydoras sp. and Apistogramma sp.  I use a lot of black worm, and they are expensive.  The food I designed has allowed me to cut my black worm use by 2/3… and I have reports from breeders who tested the food for me that they were able to get good production with no black worms at all when feeding this food!
  • Make a highly nutritious diet that triggers fish to feed quickly so that wild fish can get good food during quarantine and be acclimated before they ship.  TME does this.  I use it with everything within a few hours after the fish arrive in the fish room, and everything is eating it readily within a couple days.
  • Make a food so packed with nutrition that fish can be fed less of it less frequently with no malnutrition.  I need the food to do this so I can spend less money feeding fish, and so that a well fed fish can be purged and shipped, often no seeing any food for 3-5 days, with no ill effects on the fish.  TME has proven very effective at keeping purged fish in good condition, even small tetras.

The biggest difference between TME and the other Repashy Superfood diets is that I chose more expensive ingredients and use them in higher concentrations.  Think of TME as a ‘super premium’ Repashy gel food.  All the advantages of Repashy Superfood… but amplified.

The keys to the food’s success are in what is in the food, and what is NOT in the food.  I emphasized proteins that are very attractive to all fish:  mussel, insect, krill, squid, shrimp, fruit…  And I stayed away from flavors that can turn some fish off, namely fish.  There are no fish proteins in this diet at all.  Piscivore species are just as attracted to mollusks and crustaceans, so there is no harm in leaving the fish out.  The result is a fish food that fish are immediately attracted to the first time they smell it.

Ted’s Most Excellent is available in the Stock Shop in the standard Repashy jars sizes that I carry: 3oz, 6oz, 12oz and 70.4oz (2 kg).  Please check it out.  You will also find the ingredients list and nutritional analysis in the Stock Shop:

Ted’s Most Excellent in the Stock Shop

Bottom Scratcher!

The newest formula from Repashy Superfood, Bottom Scratcher, is now available in the Stock Shop.  This diet was formulated with the bottom-feeding invertebrate eaters in mind.  It is a great food for whiptail cats, Hypancistrus, cory catfish and anything else that likes insect larvae, mollusks and crustaceans.  There is no fish protein in this diet.  Clink on the image below for details:


Livebearers Like Repashy Gel Foods

One of the hardest groups of fish to deal with in the wholesale setting is livebearers.  The problems start with the shipping process, which pretty much does everything to a livebearer that one really should not do:  crowd them, keep them in poor water quality, subject them to low pH and starve them.  Once they are in the fish room the situation does not get much better.  They still need to be crowded.  I tend to spread them out into multiple tanks, but I cannot take 250 sword tails and spread them out to 25 tanks.  I can give them plenty of water changes though, and I use good Poret foam wall matten filters, so water quality is pretty stable.  The big difference, I believe, is that I am able to feed the fish a LOT of quality food.  Livebearers have a huge energy consumption, and they will eat all the time if there is food available to them.  I feed Repashy Superfood to them at least once each day, sometimes twice.  I like to mix the Soilent Green and Spawn & Grow formulas together in even amounts.  I will also use Spawn & Grow, Super Green and Red Rum, especially with swordtails, red guppies and platies.  The fatty acids in Spawn & Grow make a big difference in the health and vitality of the fish, the greens give the fish the plant matter they like and the Red Rum boosts color quickly and brightly.  The fish learn very quickly that Repashy Superfood is good to eat.  The video clips were shot after these farm-raised fish were in the fish room only 48 hours.

Repashy Superfood Marine Diets

Repashy Superfood released a new line of marine gel food diets earlier this year.  They are as good as the freshwater diets, and are designed for the nutritional requirements of marine organisms.  The Reef Scraper is very unique in that it contains varieties of algae that are not normally included in fish feed, as well as the fatty acids that marine algae scraping species must have to survive.  I am told that Moorish Idols are thriving on the Reef Scraper, and I am looking forward to the opportunity to make a video on that subject.

The marine diets are available in the stock shop (have been for a while).

New Repashy Feeding Discs and Packages

The Repashy feeding discs have been a hit, and thanks to your feedback I have expanded the line of feeders to include some shallower discs and some larger discs.  Now the feeders are available in three sizes.  The 2″ deep disc has a deeper bowl and will hold a food thickness of about 1/4″-3/8″.  The 2″ shallow disc is flatter and will hold a food thickness of 1/8″-1/4″.  I really like this size for using as feeding stations for bottom-feeding fish.  I am also offering a new 3″ dish with a shallow profile.  This disc holds a deceptively large amount of food.  The thickness will be about 1/4″-3/8″ in the middle and much thinner towards the edges.  I like this disc for feeding tanks full of open or upper-water fish like growout danios and rainbows.

I have added a start set of 2 of each size disc, with suction cup hooks (six discs total) for $20.  There are also sets of 4, 8 and 12 of each size; and a 4-of-each set (12 discs total) that offers the most versatility.  Most of the people that have purchased sets of four discs have reordered a week later to get more!  Here is a picture of the 4-of-each set, so you can have an idea of what the different sizes look like:


All of the disc options are available in the stock shop:  Repashy Feeding Discs

Introducing the Repashy Feeding Disc!


Here is a cool little gadget for feeding Repashy Superfood to fish that will not go to the bottom to eat.  The disc is a shallow bowl made from fired ceramic with a rough surface.  In inside of the bowl is scored so that the gel food will adhere to it better.  Pour hot gel into the bowl, let it set and then use a suction cup with a hook to suspend the food at any level in the aquarium you want to.  The discs are also great for making feeding stations on the substrate.  I like to place three or four on the bottom of aquariums with colonies of plecos or other loricarid catfish, so that each fish has its own dish to defend.  Otherwise, those territorial cats tend to fight over the food!  The discs are available in the store in sets of 4, 8 and 12.  Here is a video on how to use them:

Using Repashy to Administer Medications

Repashy Superfoods are versatile.  One of the first ‘alternative’ uses I discovered was using the food to administer medications.  I have been sitting on this video for a while, but a lot of people have been asking for it.  My concern is that using medications on fish should not be a casual thing, and I do not want to give the impression that it is something that I do all the time.  Quite the contrary.  The most common use of supplementing Repashy with medication is treating newly imported fish in quarantine for internal parasite infestations.  Other than than, I medicate very rarely.  This video is really not much more than an introduction, though it does cover how to mix the meds and food in detail.  Watch for more information about using meds to appear on the web site.  I am working on a page with some more specific information.

New Product: SuperPig – color supplement

One of the advantages of feeding Repashy Superfoods is the ease of supplementing the food with extra ingredients.  I have used Repashy Superfood to administer medications with great success (more on that coming up soon).  Allen and I have talked for quite a while about producing a color enhancement food… all the other food companies have one!  But we came to the conclusions that A) Repashy Superfoods already contain a healthy complement of color enhancing ingredients, and B) you are buying the food for its superior nutrition… not as a color enhancer.

Each of the Repashy Superfood formulas are designed for a specific purpose, and when you find the one your fish do best on, you are unlikely to switch to a more broad-based nutrition just to get the color enhancer.  HOWEVER… enhancing a fish’s color naturally through the use of carotenoids and other natural ingredients is an attractive idea.  We have a compromise for you…

Super Pig – Pigment Enhancement Formula.  This gel food supplement can be added to any Repashy Superfood before mixing up the gel to give your fish a little color boost.  And you do not need a lot of it!  All of the Repashy Superfoods already have some of Super Pig’s effective ingredients in them.  Supplementing 1/4 cup of dry food powder with one tablespoon of Super Pig is all that you need to kick the food into a powerful color enhancer.  Give it a try!


REPASHY SUPER GREEN – Why it is important…


Repashy Super Green is an excellent staple food for fish that require a lot of plant protein and fiber in their diet, and an equally excellent supplement for omnivores that benefit from the occasional emphasis on vegetable matter.  There are many fish that fall into either of those categories.  Algae eating species (such as farlowella catfish, otocinclus, siamese algae eaters, algae-eating gobies, blennies, etc…) benefit from a regular feeding of Super Green to supplement the alga they glean from the aquarium.  Our tanks are often too clean for these fish to find all the food they need, and Super Green will make up the difference between what they are getting and what they need.

Fish have one-speed digestive tracks, so if the food requires more time to digest the gut has to be longer to do the job.  Plant cell walls are hard to digest, so herbivore guts are longer to allow more time for the fish to glean the relatively low number of nutrients from the food.  Animal proteins are easier to digest, so predator guts are very short compared to herbivores.  Feeding a predator a food high in plant matter is useless to the fish because the short gut passes the food through it so quickly that the fish gets little of the nutrition in the food.  Feeding an herbivore a food rich in animal protein is dangerous because the food digests quickly, but the waste remains in the gut for too long, which can potentially result in bacterial/protozoan infestations or physical blockages in the gut (both of which can create the symptom called ‘bloat’).  This is why we need to pay more careful attention to what we are feeding herbivores that we do carnivores or omnivores.

Herbivorous fish are also adapted behaviorally for a plant-rich diet.  The relatively low nutritional value of plants means that fish need to eat a lot more of them to get the food they need.  The one-speed digestive track requires that the gut have food to digest pretty much all the time, so herbivores spend the vast majority of their time eating.  Traditional aquarium fish foods foster a ‘stuff then starve’ feeding cycle that overfills the gut and leaves it empty for many hours until the next feeding.  This down time between feedings is filled with fruitless searching for food, or (in the case of cichlids) can lead to over aggression.  Fish in well-fed colonies of Tropheus sp. are not as brutal on each other as those in colonies of hungry fish.  When food is not readily available, the feeding behaviors are reduced and the territorial aggression behaviors take over.

Repashy Super Green solves all of the problems associated with feeding herbivorous fish.  The long-lasting food is available for the fish to graze on all day long, ending the ‘stuff and starve’ cycle.  The food does not contain any of the animal proteins that are associated with gut diseases.  And there are no indigestible binder proteins (usually gluten derived from grain), which can have the same problems as animal proteins in an herbivore’s gut.  In fact, the protein values listed on all Repashy Superfoods reflect the actual useable, digestible proteins in the foods; not a combination of the useable protein and unusable binder proteins (this is a common practice in low-quality foods in order to list a higher level of protein on the package).  And Repashy Superfoods go a step further for herbivores… the food contains the plant proteins separated from the hard to digest cell walls.  This allows the fish to digest far more of the actual nutrients in the food than they would if they were eating plant matter in the wild (which would have the cell walls).

Any aquatic animal that can make use of plant proteins for nutrition will benefit from using Super Green.  Use it as a staple for those plant-only algae eaters, and as a supplement for the omnivores that will benefit from the occasional burst of plant matter.  You can even use Super Green to enhance the vegetable component of the Repashy Superfood omnivore diets (Community Plus, Shrimp Souffle and Soilent Green).  Increase the concentration of vegetable matter in those feeds by adding in some Super Green to the dry mixes before adding boiling water to make the gel.

20% SALE on 2oz, 4oz and 16oz Super Green – while supplies last

I have a lot of Super Green in inventory after the ACA convention.  This sale will continue until my inventory is down to the level I would normally stock.  The sale could last a month or a day… just depends upon how much is sold.  Take advantage and give Super Green a try!