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New Stock List… New Peru!!!

Another great order of fish arrived from Peru yesterday.  There are some very rare fish on this one!  Check out all the very cool wood cats, and some Apistogramma species that have been been around for a long time.  I do not have pics of the cichlids yet, but here are some of the catfish:

Acanthodoras sp.


Ageneiosus sp. (only two of these…. contaminant… ask if you want them)


bolt cat!  A. turosus… this is a voracious predator!  Gets big!


Not sure what either of these two are….

edit_black_catfish_20150306_1153 edit_brown_catfish_20150306_1151

Centromochlus reticulatus!!!!!


Helogenes marmoratus


Tatia dunni… the real deal!  3-4″ adults


Undescribed Tatia sp.   juveniles and adults

edit_Tatia_sp_001_20150306_1155 edit_Tatia_sp_006_lg_marble_20150306_1179

Tetranematichthys sp. (prabably wallacei)… if you are really into these fish, I got a black one in the mix!  ask….


Some of the Apistogramma highlists are:

A. sp. Winklefleck

A. sp. Matses

A. payaminonis…. HOLY GRAIL!!!!

A. sp. rocafuerte/shaly

A. barlowi ‘red’

Trying something different on the apistos…. I always get a wide range of sizes, and some are not sexable.  I have changed the pricing on some items to prices for males (largest in the group0, obvious females and unsexed.  That way you can save some money, but you risk not getting even sex ratios.

I also got in some very nice silver arowana, wild angelfish and red shoulder severums.  Here is the most up to date list:

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New Instock with Plants and new discount structure

Here is a new in-stock list with the plants that came in this week.  I am also doing away with a separate wholesale list, and this new list has a discount structure to accommodate wholesale quantities.

The plants arrived from Singapore in excellent condition, as is usual.  Some of them are in limited quantities, so if you are interested jump on them quickly.


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Group Order Pre-Sale List for Below Water (Oliver Lucanus)

Below Water is Oliver Lucanus’ business in Canada (Montreal).  Oliver has spent a lot of time and effort developing many export contacts from many of countries in South America and Africa, and he manages to bring some of the rarest fish from those countries…. to Canada.  Oliver and I are going to try to offer those fish to hobbyists in the USA.  I am organizing the first pre-sales import to arrive in Chicago on January 8, 2015.  If you are interested in joining in on the order, the link below will download a spreadsheet order form.  The instructions for placing an order are at the top of the spread sheet.  If you have any difficulties, please send me an email ( or contact me through this website.


Here are the basics:

  • Orders are due to me by January 2
  • If we have enough participants to place the order, I will send you a PayPal invoice with the total including shipping from me to you.  That invoice will need to be paid by January 4 in order to place the order.
  • Fish will arrive in Chicago on January 8 (a Thursday) at 9:00 AM.  I will drive down to get the order (clear inspection, customs, etc…) and then repackage the fish (rebag/reox…. water change if necessary) and ship them out to you via FedEx Priority Overnight the same day…. you will receive the fish on Friday, January 9.
  • Prices reflect Oliver’s retail plus a service fee to cover the overhead of the order.  Prices are FOB Chicago… shipping to you from me is extra.  Most boxes will be in the $50 -$70 range to get to you.  If you need a shipping quote before I send you an invoice, please ask.

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What’s New?

Newly arrived WILD livestock:

  • Tucanoichthys tucano… the very very cool nano tetra from the Tucano River.. rare!
  • Corydoras duplicareus, imitator, C121 (adolfoi type) & davidsandsi
  • Apistogramma mix, which includes some aggies, gephyra and pertensis… priced to GO!
  • African tetras…  Macralestes sp, African red eye, yellow tail Congo
  • Cichlids… Pelvicachromis humilis ‘Friya’, Pel. taeniatus ‘Lobe’ & ‘Makoure’
  • Dicrossus filamentosus
  • Synodontis decorus & schoutedeni ‘yellow’
  • Paraila pellucida…. the African glass catfish…. VERY COOL!
  • Aplocheilichthys normani

Shipping weather continues to be good, but we are starting to cool off fast!

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Plants! Plants! Plants!

A nice plant order arrived today, and immediately a ton of them went out the door.  So many that I have already posted a revised price list.


Here is a list of what is still in stock:

  • Bacopa carolinia ‘variegated’
  • Bacopa myriophylloides
  • Limnophila hippuroides
  • Ludwigea brevipes
  • Ludwigea palustris
  • Myriophyllum hippuroides
  • Anubias barteri ‘broad leaf’
  • Aponogeton boivinianus, capuroni, henkelianus (lace) & longipumulosus
  • Crypt. albida, beckettii, blassi, ciliata & tonkinensis
  • Echinodoras ‘ozelot – green’, ‘red rubin’ & ‘vesuvius’
  • red & green tiger lotus
  • Nymphaea rubra lily
  • Vallisneria americana ‘rubra’, ‘rubra serpenta’, ‘natans’ & ‘biwaensis’

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Cool Weather & New Fish!!!

Cooler weather is starting to creep in, and so are new livestock orders.  Price lists are updated with the few new fish that arrived last week, all through quarantine and ready to go.  Wild cardinal tetras and tank-raised rummynose are rock solid.  The male congo tetras are a good size for shipping.  The assassin snails are bigger than usual too. Clown loach season is still on, and the stock I have look awesome… fat loaches!


Livestock orders over the next two weeks include

  • West Africa – Pelvicachromis, Benitochromis, Synodontis, Polypterus, Pantodon, Micralestes and more
  • Brazil – Apisto. mendezi (finally!), Cory. adolofoi, duplicareus, Nannostomus marginatus, Dicrossus filamentosus
  • Columbia – Cory davidsandsi, Oto affinis
  • Singapore – PLANTS!!!!!!!!

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Vacation is over!

I am back from vacation and shipping again.  So long as the temperatures are not above 85 where you are at, 2nd day will work fine for a while.  if it is hot where you are at, overnight is best.  Priority Overnight will arrive to most destinations by 10:00 AM.  It will not get picked up here until after 5:00 PM, so the box will be in transit less than 18 hours.  You can see the stock lists here:

Excel Price List

PDF Price List


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No Fish Shipments in July

July is here… but I will not be!  I am off to the ACA Convention next week, and then on vacation until the end of July.  Shipping will start again in August.

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Missouri Native Fish

Thanks to the Missouri Aquarium Society, Inc. I had a chance to play with my video camera’s underwater housing in an Ozark stream this week.  North American native fish would be an addiction easy to succumb to.  Unfortunately, the Wisconsin invasive species laws prevent me from being able to collect fish all over the midwest and bring them back to my fish room.  I will just have to stick to video and pictures… they are easier to transport anyway. edit_whittenburg_creek_MO_DSC_8763 edit_whittenburg_creek_MO_DSC_8758


We spent half a day filming and netting in Whittenburg Creek, at the town of Steelville, MO, which is a tributary of the Meremac River.  The conditions were great.  Clear, shallow water on a sunny day.  Take a look at the video:I thought the variety of fish we found was great, but the MASI members on hand told me that they usually find more at this location, especially darters.  I netted this nice male fantail darter (Etheostoma flabellare)



There were two common minnows in the stream, southern redbelly dace (Crosomus erythrogaster)


and bleeding shiners (Luxilus zonatus).



We also found two species of Fundulus killifish:  the black spot top minnow (F. olivaceus)


and the northern studfish (F. cantanatus)



Banded sculpin were very common (Cottus carolinae).



Unfortunately, we disturbed a madtom catfish nest, but did not catch the catfish.  Here is a picture of the eggs.  They were hard like a cory cat egg, and very well attached to the underside of this rock.  Mike Hellweg (my host for the trip) took them home to try to hatch them.  If anyone can do that, it will be Mike!



We also collected fish in the Meremac River itself, but the water was cloudy and filming poor.  Maybe next time!

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Dwarf Cichlid Order arrived today

Lots of very nice Apsitogramma on today’s order in from the Czech Republic.  Better size than the last order too.  Highlights are some smaller A. cacatuoides that are lower in price, more Dutch rams, big A. agassizii of various flavors, two different A. veijita (normal and Gold), more Laetacara dorsigera ‘Bolivia’, A. sp. ‘Opal Red Mask’, A. borelli ‘Paraguay’ and some A. trifasciata.  Some Altolamprologus compressiceps ‘Sumbu’, which is the dwarf, shell-dwelling compressiceps also came in on special order for a customer, but I have five more that I can sell.  If you are interested, ask…  they are not on the list.

Excel Price List

PDF Price LIst

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