Xystichromis sp. ‘Kyoga Flameback’

I bought this colony of cichlids from a local club member, Pat, who had been trying to find homes for all the offspring she raised out.  I do not know what it is about Lake Victoria – type cichlids.  Either you are really into them or they are not the first fish that comes to mind when you are stocking a new tank.  I am not sure why they are not more popular, because they are very pretty.  Their color patterns are definitely unique.  I cannot think of another group of cichlids with the same combination of primary colors and distinctive black markings.  That is especially true for the dominant male of this colony.  The colony consists of two males and four females in a 40-breeder aquarium.  The tank is filtered with a Poret foam wall that is air driven.

About the header art…

Most of us do not like to look at imperfect pictures.  Many of the photographs I take are not very good.  These imperfect images, however, look pretty good when converted into a ‘work of art’ using a filter in PhotoShop.  I am not a painter, and I do not claim to be able to make these ‘paintings’ in the actual media that they mimic.  But I like them, and I hope you do to.  A perfectly good use for an imperfect picture!

Welcome to Ted’s Fishroom

Changing water, wiping the glass, rearranging the decor… the fishroom is almost ready for a new tour!  Please check back.  Changes are happening fast.