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Videos of Ted’s fish room is organized and functions.

Ted’s NEW Fishroom – Aquariums & Racks

There are many factors that you need to consider when planning a new fish room, but one of the first is to decide what size tanks are needed and a lay out for the racks (at least a rough layout… the final result rarely fits exactly).  The numbers and sizes of the tanks will define the racks, which in turn will guide the layout.  The other systems are dependent upon that.  Think of the aquariums and racks as the functional skeleton of the fish room.  It is the framework around which the rest of the room will be built.  Here is a video about the tank sizes I used, the racks I built for them and how they are laid out in the room to make use of space.



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The New & Improved Ted’s Fishroom!

Here we go…  it has not been a secret that I had to tear down my old fish room and build a new one, but I have not been posting much specifically about the new space.  This is the first video in the New Fish Room series.  Enjoy…


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Packing Corydoras Catfish for Shipping – Part 2

Here is the conclusion of the shipping cory cats video…

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Packing & Shipping Corydoras Catfish – Part 1

We have covered the basics of shipping fish, now let’s take a look as some of the specific types of fish and some special considerations for shipping them.  First up, armoured catfish of the Genera Corydoras, Brochis and other similar species.  Catfish are probably some of the more difficult fish to ship because of their frequent puncturing of the bag and the toxic skin excretions.  These challenges can be overcome with a few tricks in packing, which I share in the video (in two parts).  Enjoy…

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Sneak Peek… the Plant Tanks

I know that many readers are anxious to see the new fish room.  Well, it is still being built, and there will be no full tour until it is done.  But the last of the racks in the main fish room went up today, and they will get tanks on them this week.  The first rack went up in the photo/video room today also (yes… there will be an aquarium room dedicated to tanks for taking pictures and video… I am spoiling myself).  Once those areas are complete I will get my office and the display tanks set up.  Then… or sometime shortly after then… I will do a full video tour.  I will also start putting out short videos of how the fish room systems are set up.  Gotta love simple automation.  This video sneak peek shows the plant holding tanks.  I got these up when a chance to do a Singapore plant order popped up.  Only a few times a year, so I had to jump on it.  Enjoy…

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You’ve Asked for It…

Here is a video tour of my fish room.  Warning… this is the longest video I have ever posted.


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10-gallon Planted Nano Makeover

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We were snowbound on Thursday this week, so I decided to to a much needed makeover in my 10-gallon planted nano tank.  This aquarium is an unfiltered tank that sits on my work bench.  Honestly, it gets neglected a lot, which is why it was a bit over grown.  Some of the plants were so think that they were shading themselves.  And I had let the foreground plants get too large and obstruct the midground plants.  This simply would not do!  I received a shipment of plants on Monday (hint hint… check out the livestock page), and there were several that I wanted to play with.  Most notably the Cryptocoryne tonkinensis and the Myriophyllum matagrossense.  I have never done much with myrio plants, so I incorporated two in this cleaned up aquascape.  I also put in different fish, including the very cool neon yellow Microdevario kubotai.  Check it out…


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Fry Rack – Part 2

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Surprise!  No wait…


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Fry Rack – Part 1

The most recently completed project in the fish room is a rack of plastic bins for growing fry.  I needed more space for small fry, and I wanted to design a system that would be faster and easier to change the water in.  The end product is a rack of twelve 6-gallon bins plumbed to permit flow-through water changes.  Since plastic bins of shallow water are hard to control the temperature in, the rack is also equipped with under-bin heating.  It has been up and running for just about two months, and I am very happy with the results.  This project will be presented in two parts.  The first covers how to assemble the rack, and the second how to install the bins and water change/heating systems.


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Ted’s Fish Room – Water

At long last!!!!  Here is the next installment to the Ted’s Fishroom series on the topic of water.  There is no way the topic of water can be covered well in an hour-long video, much less a five minute video!  This is just the basics of what to think about, and one way that I make the onerous job of water changing just a little easier.  One of my New Year resolutions is to automate water changing in my fish room this year, and if I manage to get it done I will be sure to post a video blog series about how I did it.


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