Inviting Me to Speak

Unfortunately, I cannot accept every invitation.  When you contact me, please let me know the date, time and location of the meeting.  If the location is not within a 4-5 hour drive of Madison, WI (zip code 53589 if you want to map the distance), please let me know the closest airport to fly into.


I ask that the following expenses be paid for by your club

  • travel expense – cost of round trip plane ticket (including parking, luggage fees or any other travel-related expense) or $.50/mile round trip if I am driving (mileage based upon Google maps from zip code 53589 to zip code of meeting… so you can know the total before you invite me).  I prefer to make my own travel arrangements.
  • lodging expense – I am very happy to stay in the home of a club member, so long as the house is free of tobacco smoke and cats.  Clean is expected… I hate to say that, but the stories I could tell…  If I need to stay in a hotel, I prefer to make my own reservations.
  • Other expenses…  I do not expect the club to pay for my meal expenses during travel.  Most clubs pay for dinner the day of the meeting, which is greatly appreciated.  I do not ask for or expect an honorarium, but neither will I turn it down.  I appreciate the willingness and ability of clubs that can provide an honorarium, but I also understand that many clubs cannot.  No explanation needed.

Length of Stay

Whenever possible I prefer to not fly in and out in less than 36 hours.  I like to visit members’ fish rooms and spend time with your club.  Sometimes I have friends or family in the area who I will try to visit.  I do not expect the club to bear the expense of an extended stay in the area.  Whatever your club will pay for I am willing to accept so long as the expenses listed above are paid for.

Multiple Presentations

Love to do ’em!  Many clubs have started hosting ‘in home events’ the night before or day after a meeting.  Some clubs have booked rooms in restaurants for a group and had me give another talk there.  Go for it!  Get the most out of your money.  I have lots of talks and am willing to give them.

Conventions, Shows, Weekend Workshops & Multi-Day Events

Every thing above applies to bigger club events.

The links below will permit you to download my bio, talk descriptions and an image for use in advertising the talk:

Bio & Presentation Descriptions

Media Image