Fall!!!  Finally… though it seems like we are actually getting some Summer heat at last.  Fish orders are starting to come in, so please check the lists.

DELTA DASH air freight service…  I am going to try offering air freight via Delta airlines as a shipping option.  If you are interested, please let me know when you place an order and we will look into the costs and schedules.

Ordering Fish & Plants

Minimum order is $25.00 of livestock.

Fish/plants are not ordered using the shopping cart system.  Due to the compactness of the shipping boxes I use, I cannot always combine fish and dry goods orders.  Shipping is by FedEx.  Shipping and Handling charges are described below.  Once we have settled on the total I will send you a PayPal invoice to pay, or we will work out another form of payment.

Open this link for list of fish (Excel spreadsheet): EXCEL PRICE LIST

Please use the Excel spreadsheet order form to place an order, unless your computer cannot open that application.  The spreadsheet is interactive… fill in the yellow box with the number of fish you want, and the spreadsheet will keep track of the totals, and your earned discount.  Discounts are based upon whole-invoice total, and start at $100.

If you do not have Excel on your computer, a free reader can be gotten here:  EXCEL READER

Open this link for list of fish (PDF): PDF PRICE LIST

The PDF price list is NOT interactive.  If you cannot use the Excel spreadsheet, simply email me with the items you want, the number of each and I will figure out the totals for you.


 Orders under $75 will ship for actual cost of shipping + $5 (to offset packing materials).  Orders over $75 use the shipping/handling rates listed below.

Within FedEx Ground Zone 2:  Link to Map (zone in pink… if you are on the edge, send me your zip code)

  • Overnight via Ground ($15.00)

All other addresses in contiguous U.S.A.:

  • Priority Overnight ($55.00), Standard Overnight ($50.00) or actual cost + $5 (whichever is lower)
  • 2nd Day ($35) or actual cost +$5 (whichever is lower) – NO LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE ON 2ND DAY
  • Ground/Home Delivery – ONLY IF IT WILL ARRIVE WITHIN 48 HOURS ($20) or actual cost + $5 (whichever is lower – NO LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE ON ANY SHIPPING LONGER THAN OVERNIGHT

Delivery to an event where I will be speaking may be possible.

Hawaii & Alaska

Prices vary, please inquire.  HI residents need to provide a copy of a current state live animal import permit.  Please check to make sure that the fish you are ordering on on the approved list.  If not, tell me what species name to use on the invoice.

* No live arrival guarantee on any service that arrives more than 24 hours after departure

species descprition price
Anabantids priced per fish, sold in pairs if possible… no guarantee of pairs on species that are hard to sex
Trichogaster chuna (sota) 1″ honey gouramie $2.49
Trichopodus leerii 2″+ pearl gouramie $4.99
Tetras & Similar
SA Tetra
Pristella maxillaris pristella tetra 1″ $1.49
Tucanichthys tucano 1/2″ AWESOME, RARE NANO $18.99
Serapinnus kreigi 3/4″+ cool silver tetra with black caudal spot $2.99
African Tetra
Arnoldichthys spilopterus 2″+ African red eye tetra $8.99
Hemigrammopetersius caudalis 2″ yellow tail Congo $8.99
Micralestes occidentalis 2″ red fin tetra $7.99
Micarlestes cf. acutidens 2″ tetra w/interesting scale pattern $7.99
Nannostomus marginata dwarf pencilfish WILD $2.99
Barbs & similar
Barbus fasciolatus African fire barb (barilloides) $2.49
Puntius tetrazona tiger barb 1″ – local raised $1.99
Danios & similar
Danio choprae Glowlight danio 1″ $1.99
Microdevario kubotai dwarf yellow neon danio $2.49
Killi, Rice Fish & similar
Oryzias woworae Daisy’s rice fish 1″ $1.49
Chromobotia macracantha 1.5″ clown loach $3.99
Chromobotia macracantha 2.5″ clown loach $8.99
Schistura mahnerti redtail zebra loach 2″+ $3.99
Tuberschistura arakanensis rosy loach – nano species $2.99
Botia kubotai 2.5″+ angelicus botia $8.99
Sharks & similar
Epalzeorhynchos bicolor 2″ redtail shark $2.09
Corydoras & similar
uncommon cory
Corydoras davidsandsi 2″ WILD – Brazil $16.99
Corydoras duplicareus 2″ WILD – Brazil $14.99
Corydoras cf. imitator C140 2-3″ WILD – Brazil $18.99
Corydoras rabauti 2″ WILD – Columbia $3.99
Corydoras cf. melanistus 2″ WILD – Columbia $4.99
Corydoras cf. adolfoi CW121 1.5″+ WILD – Brazil $14.99
common cory
Corydoras aeneus ‘albino’ 1″ albino cory $1.99
Corydoras aeneus 1″+ bronze cory – local raised $2.99
Loricariids & similar
Ancistrus sp. brown bristlenose pleco 1.5″ – Local WI raised $2.99
Otocinclus affinis 1″oto catfish $1.99
Other Catfish
Akysis vespa Asian wasp catfish 1″+ $4.99
Paraila pellucida African glass catfish 2″+ $5.99
Synodontis decorus 4″ clown syno catfish WILD $24.99
Synodontis schoutedeni 2″+ yellow form $14.99
Cichlids priced per fish – sold as pairs IF I CAN ACCURATELY SEX THE FISH
West African
Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri ‘Volta’ 1.5″ juv – colorful, large mouthbrooder $4.99
Pelvicachromis humilia ‘Friya’ WILD – Guinea $19.99
Pelvicachromis pulcher ‘Super Red’ 1″+ colorful ‘krib’ $11.99
Pelvicachromis kribensis ‘Lobe’ WILD – Cameroon $19.99
Pelvicachromis kribensis ‘Makoure’ WILD – Cameroon $19.99
Pelvicachromis kribensis ‘Moliwe’ 3/4″+ juveniles – sexable $6.99
Pelvicachromis kribensis ‘Moliwe’ young adults $11.99
Pelvicachromis taeniatus ‘Nigeria Red’ 1.5″+ young adults $19.99
Pelvicachromis subocellatus 1″+ young adults $22.99
Nannochromis transvestitus 1.5″+ young adults $19.99
Apisto. sp. mixed 1″ WILD – Brazil – there are pertensis, agassizii and maybe gephrya in the mix $7.99
Apisto. Cf. pertensis 1″ wild – Brazil $7.99
Apisto.agassizii 1.25″+ young adults $12.99
Apisto.agassizii ‘Huser – Red Tail’ 1.5″+ young adults $19.99
Apisto.agassizii ‘Super Red’ 1.5″+ young adults $19.99
Apisto.agassizii ‘Alenquer – Red Tail’ 1.5″+ young adults $15.99
Apisto baenschi ‘Inka’ 1″+ young adults $24.99
Apisto cacatuoides ‘triple red’ 1″ colored juv. $8.99
Apisto cacatuoides ‘blue’ 1.25″ young adults $11.99
Apisto cacatuoides ‘lemon orange’ 1.25″ young adults $12.99
Apisto cactuoides ‘Orange’ 1.25″ young adults $12.99
Apisto hongsloi ‘Super Rostrich’ 1.25″ young adults $24.99
Apisto macmasteri ‘Blue Head’ 1.25″ young adults $19.99
Apisto macmasteri ‘Red Tail’ 1″ young adults $19.99
Apisto nijsseni 1.25″ young adults $21.99
Apisto sp. ‘Rio Mamore’ 1.25″ young adults $24.99
Apisto steindachneri 1.25″ young adults $14.99
Apisto trifasciata ‘Guapore Red’ 1″ young adults $19.99
Apisto trifasciatia ‘Maciliensis’ 1″ young adults $19.99
Apisto tucurui 1″ young adults $22.99
Apisto viejita 1″ young adults $19.99
Apisto viejita ‘Gold’ 1″ young adults $22.99
Other SA/CA cichlids
Cryptoheros sajica 1.5″ tank raised $9.99
Cryptoheros spilurus 1.5″ tank raised $9.99
Dicrossus filamentosus 1″ WILD – Brazil $7.99
Laetacara dorsigera ‘Bolivia’ 1″ tank raised – very red when adult $6.99
Laetacara dorsigera ‘Brazil’ 3″ HUGE adults… awesome color $19.99
Mikorgeophagus ramirezi ‘Dutch’ 1″ colorful, small-body ram $5.99
Nannacara anomola 1″+ young adults $9.99
Taeniacara candidi ‘Red’ 1″+ red form candidi $24.99
Thorichthys meeki ‘Rio Candelaria’ 2″ firemouth, dark colors $6.99
Lake Malawi
Aulonocara sp. ‘Ruby Red’ 1″+ juvies $2.99
Aulonacara kandeensis 1″ juvies – Kande Island peacock $3.99
Aulonacara sp. ‘bicolor 500/blue neon’ 1″ juveniles – orange shoulder type $2.99
Cyrtocara moorei 2.5″ blue dolphin $5.99
Labidochromis cearuleus 1″ yellow lab $2.49
Pseudo. Demasoni 1.5″+ local WI raised $6.99
Lake Tanganyika
Cypho. frontosa ‘Burundi’ 2″ local WI raised $11.99
Oddball Fish
Knife Fish
Atya gabonensis 3″ vampire shrimp – filter feeder $12.99
Caridina rubropunctata armadilo/leopard shrimp 3/4″ $6.99
Clea helena assassin snail $1.49
Stem Plants priced per 5 stems
Bacopa carolinia ‘variegated’ submerged $2.99
Anubias barteri ‘Broad Leaf’ nice!   Large w/lots of leaves $9.99
Aponogeton priced per plant/bulb
A. boivinianus 6″ plant $14.99
A. capuroni sprouted bulb $11.99
A. henkelianus 8″ lace plant $14.99
A. longipumulosus 6-8″ plant – bushy! $17.99
Cryptocoryne priced per 3 plants
Cryptocoryne blassi tall petiole, paddle leaf, red with markings $7.99
Cryptocoryne ciliata thick, arrow shape leaf $2.99
Cryptocoryne tonkinensis hair-like leaves $5.99
Sword Plants priced per plant
Echinodorus ‘ozelot’ – green submerged $11.99
Echinodoras ‘red rubin’ emerged $6.99
Echinodoras ‘Vesuvius’ submerged $5.99
Nymphaea priced per plant/bulb
Nymphaea sp. ‘green tiger lotus’ plant (no bulb) $3.99
Nymphaea rubra sprouted bulb $1.99
Grass Plants priced per 5 plants
Vallisneria americana americana ‘rubra’ $4.99