Two Apistogramma

Here is a video showing two Apistogramma species from the most recent order from Peru.  I set these fish up in the photo tank and decided to get some video as well.

Apistogramma bitaeniata ‘Rio Tigre’ is one of the prettiest forms of this species I have seen.  I really like the black, white and yellow markings.  Just after I put them into the photo tank a couple males really lit up, but by the time I had the video camera in my hand they stopped.  Here is a still pic though:



The second species in the video is a bit of a mystery.  It was shipped as A. payaminonus (a holy grail species), but that is not what was sent.  I think that they are one of the cruzi-group fish that comes from the same area, possibly A. playayacu.  It is a pretty fish though.  Notice in the pictures and video how bent and skinny the larger fish are.  This is sue to malnutrition, and can happen rapidly, especially in older fish.  But the condition is usually reversible with plenty of food and good water quality.  I generally stay away from buying these larger specimens, however, and choose younger fish when I can.  Here are some still pics of a young male, an old male and a female:

edit_Apisto_sp_20141129_0496  edit_Apisto_sp_20141129_0510


Enjoy the video…



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New In Stock and Shipping Windows

Busy week here at TedsFishroom…  Two new orders arrived last Thursday, but I have not seen them because I have been at the OCA Extravaganza for three days… but I am told that the fish are all doing well.  Here are the new in stock lists.  The EXCEL PRICE LIST now includes hyperlinks to pictures and informational web pages for some of the species.  When I can make the time I will get pictures of most species loaded into the list.

We have a GREAT shipping winding (good weather) coming up the week of December 1…  If you would like to place an order, let’s take advantage of it next week.  I am not worried about holiday package volume with FedEx Express the first three weeks of December, and Christmas is late in the week this year.  We will HOPEFULLY have three full weeks of shipping weather in December.  Western New York got enough snow last week for all of us to enjoy for a white Christmas… here’s to having a beautiful, mild holiday season.

GCCA Swap – Dec. 7, 2014…  I will be attending the swap and will be bringing PRESALE FISH to the event.  I will probably bring some Repashy food to sell, but I will probably NOT bring bags of fish that are not pre-sold.  So if you want fish at the GCCA swap… please place an order.


From Peru:

  • More Apistogramma, including payaminonis… this is a NICE FISH!!!!  Also in are nijsseni, sp. melgar, and locations of bitaeniata and aggasizii
  • Some more common cories including pygmeae, arcuatus, zigatus and reticulatus
  • More Copella vilmae
  • Hypoptopoma sp. Peru/Orange… the ‘robocop’ oto… very cool nano catfish
  • Hyphessobrycon loretoensis… 1″+ on this beautiful small tetra.  Great in planted tanks
  • Rineloricaria lanceolata…. fun, spawnable whiptail catfish

From Below Water in Canada (Oliver Lucanus):

  • Nanochromis splendens and N. parilus (two locations of each)
  • Congochromis cf. sabinae… very colorful!
  • Three different, rare Steatocranus
  • Corydoras araguaiensis ‘large spot’
  • Two different dwarf Distichodus… one crimson red and the other emerald green… just in time for the holidays
  • Tylochromis lateralis
  • Odontocharacidium aphanes… the hummingbird tetra

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Unpacking A Fish Order

Here is a video on a subject that I have been wanting to show you for a while…. unpacking a large order of fish.  A lot of planning goes into getting a new order of fish into the fish room, especially am import from out of the country.  In this case, 30 boxes from Peru!!!


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Aquatic Experience Small-tank Aquascape Contest

I entered the small-tank aquascape contest at the Aquatic Experience in Chicago this past weekend.  This is the first truly competitive aquascaping contest I have ever tried.  There were some great entries.  Mine was different that all the others… I went with a biotope riparium.  Special thanks to Devin Biggs at Riparium Supply for providing the centerpiece fern.  Check it out….


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Custom Aquariums Booth at Aquatic Experience

Here is a quick video of the booth at the Aquatic Experience show going on right now in Schaumburg, IL.  Cool stuff!


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Cories Cories Cories!!!

Without trying too hard I have managed to end up with a lot of neat Corydoras catfish all at the same time.  Several came in on that last Peru order, then a friend who breeds a lot of rarer species traded me some of his F1 fish for some of the wild stock from Peru, and then I brought in a small order from another wholesaler just to get more of the long-nose C140 and (my all-time favorite cory) C. eques!!!  Here are some pics of what is now in my collection:

Corydoras sychri  Corydoras pastazensis

Corydoras fowleri  CW088

C. semiaquilus 'black'  C. semiaquilus 'green'

C091  C140

C. duplicareus  CW121

C. rabauti  CW051

C. sterbai  C. eques

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New In-Stock with Peru fish…

The new stock list includes all the new Peru fish from last week.

Excel Price List

PDF Price List

here are some pictures to whet your appetite

Tatia galaxia


Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘pucallpa’




Cory fowleri


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New Westies!!!

I have not has an extensive list of West Africa fish in a while.  New in from Guinea this week:

  • Isichthys henryi…  AWESOMES 8″ eel mormyrids
  • Pelvicachromis humilis Kisslissi (the prettiest form), rubrolabiatus, signatus and roloffi…. all big and beautiful!
  • Tylochromis intermedius… 2″ juveniles.  Very rare in the hobby.
  • Hemichromis guttatus…. 3″ wild jewel cichlids… mean bastards, but you know you really want that glowing, fire red fish!
  • Hemichromis sp. Guinea 1…  1.5″ Kolente Forest jewel….  Anton! hurry up and publish the genus revision so this beauty can finally have a real name
  • Ladegesia roloffi…. 1″- jellybean tetra
  • Anomalochromis cf. thomasi…. the Guinean form of this peaceful dwarf cichlid is very colorful.  1-2″


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My New 180-gallon Aquarium

I have a new aquarium.  180 gallons.  One of the largest I have ever owned.  This tank and stand was built by CustomAquariums (click the link… ).  I will show some more videos in the future about the aquarium hardware, but for now this video is just showing the fish after they have been in the tank for 24 hours.

The community includes a lot of odds & ends, lonely hearts and personal favorites that I cannot bear to part with.  You will see the original Chromidotilapia kingsleyae that I brought back from Gabon in 2011.  There is a big Pelmatochromis beautkofferi that lost his mate to my own stupidity, and a big male Betta patoti that lost his mate to his own aggression (let’s see how he likes living with these big fish… hah!).  There is a redtail shark that is the lone survivor from a tank crash when I first opened the new fish room.  The pair of Pelvicachromis sacrimontis are the grand-offspring of a wild pair I owned four years ago, but the male beats the female up a lot, so I put them in here to see if they can get along in a busier tank.  There is a single Bryconaethiops boulengeri tetra that is the sole survivor of a group of 6 that I bought four years ago.  There are also some alestes tetras that I have had for nearly 10 years!  The Sayhadria rohani barbs are personal favorites that I swear I will spawn someday.  And the Pelvicachromis humilis ‘Friya’ are in there to grow up.  All the smaller fish are African tetras that have been sitting in my fish room for months with nobody buying them… so I brought them home.  I like them!  There are Arnoldichthys spilopterus, Micralestes cf. acutidens, Micralestes occidentalis, yellow-tail Congo tetras and a few red-cap moon tetras (which I have had for years).  Plus a few things I did not list… see if you can find them.


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Dwarf Cichlids in the Fish Room

I was working in the fish room this evening, getting ready for a couple huge orders coming in this week, and noticed that all the dwarf cichlids were very active.  I kept getting distracted (and making floods), so I took a break, grabbed the camera and made this little video.  All the fish are available, and if you are interested contact me quick.  These fish have been going fast, and I need them to go faster!  We are about to discover how much this fish room can hold…. 40+ boxes of fish coming in this week.


October 25, 2014 · 4:38 am