Dwarf Cichlid Order arrived today

Lots of very nice Apsitogramma on today’s order in from the Czech Republic.  Better size than the last order too.  Highlights are some smaller A. cacatuoides that are lower in price, more Dutch rams, big A. agassizii of various flavors, two different A. veijita (normal and Gold), more Laetacara dorsigera ‘Bolivia’, A. sp. ‘Opal Red Mask’, A. borelli ‘Paraguay’ and some A. trifasciata.  Some Altolamprologus compressiceps ‘Sumbu’, which is the dwarf, shell-dwelling compressiceps also came in on special order for a customer, but I have five more that I can sell.  If you are interested, ask…  they are not on the list.

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New Fish and Shrimp

A big order arrived today, and there are several species that I have either never gotten before or have not seen in a long time:

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Betta pugnax – I have not seen this cool, larger mouthbrooding species in a while.  Compared to other wild Betta sp, this is not very expensive.  Try this one if you want to get some experience with the larger mouth brooders.

Betta channoides – a lot like B. albimarginata, but brighter orange and a little smaller.

Akysis vespa – the Asian wasp catfish.  Don’t get stung!  I have not had this fish before.  It is very pretty and interesting.  According to Mike Hellweg, they will breed in an aquarium.

Trichogaster chuna – Honey gouramies!

Lot’s of shrimp:  orange rili, carbon rili, super red cherry (awesome), blue velvet, armadillo/leopard, crystal red

Large Pangio kuhli!

Trigonostigma heteromorpha and T. hengeli rasboras

Corydoras sterbai, paleatus & panda

Anomalochromis cf. thomasi….  small westie butterfly cichlid.  This is the spotted Guinea form that stays small

Fire eels, black ghost knives, celebes halfbeaks, Denison barbs, tricolor Showa swordtails, Danio tinwini, D. kyathit….


April 15, 2014 · 2:29 am

new stock list



Updates stock list is up for next week delivery.  New fish include


Betta albimarginata – young adults… very nice!

Betta unimaculata – HUGE!  Only three pairs, so snap them up quick.

Chocolate gouramies…. three species:  regular, cherry and Vaillant’s

Crossocheilus reticulatus… siamese-type algae eater that is reported to eat brush algae

Tuberschistura arakenensis… nano species, rosy loach

2nd-day shipping is now available for $35 or actual rice + $15% (whichever is lower).  Live arrival is not guaranteed on any shipping slower than overnight.  We are still pretty cold here in WI (expecting more snow tonight… uhg), but next week should be ok.

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April 3, 2014 · 3:43 am

New Fish Orders – FINALLY

Every time I think this Winter is over, the forecast calls for more snow.  2-4″ on April 1st?  Really?  If the weatherman is playing a joke, it’s a bad one.  We have warmed up enough that I can start ordering fish again though.  Last week I got a SPECTACULAR order of wild fish from a new source in Columbia.  Big cardinals, lot’s of great cory cats, checkerboard cichlids, royal farlowella, whiptail cats, parrot cichlids, baby wild oscars….  AND AND AND the real Apistogramma viejita!

More great stuff coming March 31.  Several boxes from Brazil that will have some Apisto. mendezi, A. elizibathae and Dicrossus maculatus.  And some Asian fish I have been nervous about missing out on this season.  Chocolate gouramies: regular chocolate, cherry chocolate & vallianti chocolate.  Betta albimarginata.  Betta unimaculata.  Crossocheilus reticulatus… a different siamese algae eater that is reputed to eat brush algae.

If we can get past these SNOW STORMS we might even be able to start shipping 2-day….

sm_edit_apisto_hongsloi_Aug17_08_0010  edit_cory_rabauti_20131129_9134

edit_Sphaerichthys_selatanensis_20130413_7977 edit_apisto_iniridae_20130413_8026


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Another Unknown Apisto…

This fish came in being sold as ‘black chin’, which it most definitely is not…

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March 8, 2014 · 4:21 am

Ray Blackburn’s Fish Room

Ray is a long-time hobbyist living in Liverpool, England.  Matthew and I had the privilege of staying with Ray for a few days while over in England last Fall for a British Cichlid Association event.  Ray is an great tour guide.  He know where all the good beer is!  His fish room is impressive.  I say ‘fish room’, but his hobby spreads throughout his house.  Ray’s passion is really whatever captures his interest, but he has a lot of interest in South American dwarf cichlids.  Take a look….

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February 12, 2014 · 2:43 am

What is it?

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I recently imported a lot of dwarf cichlids from the Czech Republic, and the fish in this video was sold as sp. ‘Abacaxis’, which it most certainly is not!  What is it?  I have not been able to nail it down with the key in the Mergus atlas.  I think it may be caetei or regani, but those are not quite right either.  If you know, please tell me!


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Repashy Superfood Changes

Repashy Inc. has discontinued the 4oz bag sizes of all their foods, so everything I have in 4oz is the last of the product in that size.  The replacements will be a 3oz jar and a 6oz jar, so we are losing one size and getting two in return.  The 3oz is a great size for trying the product for the first time, and the 6oz jar is a better value than the 4oz bag was.  The 4oz bags will remain in the stock shop until they are sold out.  The 3oz and 6oz jars will be available as soon as I take my first shipment of them later this week.

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January 27, 2014 · 7:01 pm

Dwarf Cichlids in Stock!

I just got an order of fish in from Czech Republic. Nice fish!  I am setting up several breeding pairs, but I bought enough to sell too.  Check them out:  FISH LIST


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2014 Event Schedule

I am working on setting my calendar for 2014.  The confirmed events are in the calendar at the top of the left side bar.  Please support your local aquarium societies!

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January 7, 2014 · 2:54 am