New Repashy Superfood Sizes

There are now two new sizes for Repashy Superfood, 12oz and 70.4oz.  These are replacing the discontinued 16oz and 64oz.  I am also discontinuing the 6oz size, because there is little advantage to buying a 6oz jar when the 12oz jar is available for not that much more.  The 3oz jars will continue to cost $8.99.  This is intended to be an introductory size.  The larger sizes are a better value per ounce of food.  The 6oz jars are still in inventory, but will disappear as they are sold out.

The new packaging is plastic jars, which hold up better over time than the foil bags.  The 70.4 oz jar includes a convenient scoop.

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Wet Spot Tropical Fish

A few weeks ago I went on the trip out to Portland, Oregon, to give a talk to the Portland A. S., and while I was there I had the chance to visit a store that I have really wanted to visit for a long time:  The Wet Spot Tropical Fish.  Marcie and Steve Lundblad have established a great store.  Easily one of the best in the USA.  A video is worth a thousand words…. Enjoy.



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New Stock List… New Peru!!!

Another great order of fish arrived from Peru yesterday.  There are some very rare fish on this one!  Check out all the very cool wood cats, and some Apistogramma species that have been been around for a long time.  I do not have pics of the cichlids yet, but here are some of the catfish:

Acanthodoras sp.


Ageneiosus sp. (only two of these…. contaminant… ask if you want them)


bolt cat!  A. turosus… this is a voracious predator!  Gets big!


Not sure what either of these two are….

edit_black_catfish_20150306_1153 edit_brown_catfish_20150306_1151

Centromochlus reticulatus!!!!!


Helogenes marmoratus


Tatia dunni… the real deal!  3-4″ adults


Undescribed Tatia sp.   juveniles and adults

edit_Tatia_sp_001_20150306_1155 edit_Tatia_sp_006_lg_marble_20150306_1179

Tetranematichthys sp. (prabably wallacei)… if you are really into these fish, I got a black one in the mix!  ask….


Some of the Apistogramma highlists are:

A. sp. Winklefleck

A. sp. Matses

A. payaminonis…. HOLY GRAIL!!!!

A. sp. rocafuerte/shaly

A. barlowi ‘red’

Trying something different on the apistos…. I always get a wide range of sizes, and some are not sexable.  I have changed the pricing on some items to prices for males (largest in the group0, obvious females and unsexed.  That way you can save some money, but you risk not getting even sex ratios.

I also got in some very nice silver arowana, wild angelfish and red shoulder severums.  Here is the most up to date list:

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Solid Gold with Jenny

When I went up to Minnesota last weekend, I was invited to do an interview with Jenny, the talented aquarist who shares her hobby with us through her YouTube channel Solid Gold.  Jenny posted the video of our interview this evening, and I am really impressed.  I also see that I really need to go on a diet!  I with think about it over a beer…  The interview was a lot of fun to do.  Jenny is a lot of fun to hang out with.  Check out her YouTube channel.  Here is the video:

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New Instock with Plants and new discount structure

Here is a new in-stock list with the plants that came in this week.  I am also doing away with a separate wholesale list, and this new list has a discount structure to accommodate wholesale quantities.

The plants arrived from Singapore in excellent condition, as is usual.  Some of them are in limited quantities, so if you are interested jump on them quickly.


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Today in the Fish Room

Here is a short video of a few of the dwarf cichlids that are set up in spawning tanks.  The Apistogramma cacatuoides ‘Pucallpa’ have 10-day old fry.  A first look at the wild Pelvicachromis subocellatus ‘Moanda’ pair I got from Oliver a couple weeks ago.  An update on the Nanochromis splendens that are starting to mature.  And a look the the A. bitaeniata ‘Rio Tigre’ that are, hopefully, close to spawning.


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Apistogreamma alpahuayo

Here is a video of one of the black chin apisto types I am working with right now.  This is the ‘common’ variety, which means that it is a mix of fish from various places and given the descriptive term ‘yellow form’.  You will see two distinct types of males in the video.  I also have some of the same species from specific river systems (Rio Tigre and Rio Aguaytio).  They are different, though some of the fish in the ‘common’ look a lot like the Aguaytio form.  The black chin is very similar to A. cacatuoides.  They are often mistaken for each other.  One of the easiest featured to look for is the gap between the rear end of the lateral line stripe and the caudal peduncle spot… that gap is characteristic of A. aplpahuayo.  I really like this whole group of cichlids, and it seems like every river in Peru has a different form.  Enjoy…

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New Peru Order

A new import from Peru arrived last week with a lot of cool fish that I have not brought in before.  The price lists are updated on the livestock page.  Here are some of the highlights:

Corydoras stenocephalus – Rio Ucayali


Corydoras cf. semiaquilus – Rio Napo


Corydoras orcesi


Elachocharax pulcher


Trochilocharax ornatus


Hyphessobrycon sp. ‘bleeding blue’


Hyphessobrycon ‘red’


Lots of splash tetras…



Candelita tetra



Odontocharacidium aphanes


I have not started photographing the Apistogramma yet, but new fish include:

  • 3 different locations of A. cacatuoides
  • A. nijsseni
  • A. sp. Oregon
  • A. pantalone
  • A. bitaeniata ‘Rio Yavari’
  • A. atahualpa
  • A. alphuayo
  • A. baenschi
  • A. paulmueller ‘Apache’
  • A. ortagai ‘papagayo’

There are also some oddball catfish:  Helogenes marmoratus, Myoglanis koepckei & Denticetopsis seducta

And… because lots of you have asked for them….  more red wolf fish!  Erythrinus erythrinus


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Apistogramma panduro… Mirror Therapy

Here is a video of a pair of wild A. panduro that are in the process of getting ready to spawn.  This species is one of the nijsseni-group apistos, and as such it can be pretty aggressive.  They prefer to spawn in pairs, and other fish in the tank can take a pretty good beating from a dominant pair.  This can be a problem when a pair is not fully bonded.  If the male is not receptive to the advances of the female, or if an amorous male does not get the response he wants from a female, then there is a chance that the male can attack and kill the female.  Mirror therapy can help…  by using a mirror to solicit a territorial response by the pair, their bond is made stronger.  You will see in the video that the male is very aggressive on the mirror… he hits it hard multiple times.  The female will also join in on the defense, which is a good sign that the pair is bonding well.

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Beckford’s Pencil Fish…

I keep a lot of Beckford’s pencil fish (Nannostomus beckfordi) in with my dwarf cichlids, and in my photo tanks, as dither fish.  I did a big water change on the photo tanks today, and two males in one of them started to spar with each other… so I grabbed the camera.  Enjoy…


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