Pre-sale Opportunity Next Week

Here is a presales opportunity for this month. This supplier is a USA-based importer/wholesaler who gets a lot of fish from South America and West Africa. He has some Corydoras, Synodontis and westie cichlids I am after, so I figured we would start the ‘season’ with a presale.

Download the Pre-sale spreadsheet here: SA-WA_preorder_Sep2015

  • fill out the spreadsheet and return it to me by TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 8 at 6:00 PM CST
  • the fish will arrive to me on Thursday or Friday next week
  • you will be invoiced via PayPal for the fish and Overnight shipping (based on your shipping address) sometime that weekend after the fish arrive
  • fish will ship the following week… there is a section on the spreadsheet to tell me the day you want the fish to arrive
  • I can also deliver fish to the GCCA swap on 9/3, or you can pick the fish up before 9/17
  • Stock Shop disocunts our coupon codes are not applicable to pre-sale orders (the presale price is 30-50% below retail)

If you cannot manipulate the spreadsheet, please send me an email with everything that the spreadsheet asks for and your order. The email address to use is TJUDY@TEDSFISHROOM.COM

If you want to order something from the Stock Shop, please place the order through the website. When you are in the cart at checkout, choose ‘Pick Up’ so that the cart does not charge you shipping. Submit the order with a note telling me to ship the order with your pre-sale order.

Happy September!

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New Fish from Peru Video

Here is a video showing most of the fish that I received on this last Peru order.  Everything looks great, and there are some species I have never had before (or even seen before!).


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Laimosemion (Rivulus) rectocaudatus

The fish that we collected on the trip to Peru arrived yesterday.  We got a couple dozen killifish, Laimosemion (Ruvulus) rectocaudatus, that we found in the ditch along side the road.  The little run is water was lousy with these killies.  We could have collected hundreds of them.  The fish is pretty and mean, and also good jumpers.  I put them into a 20-gallon tank with only a few inches of water to acclimate them.  They were spread out a day after this video was shot, but I noticed that they were doing their best to jump out of the tank, and grabbed the video camera…  Enjoy.


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Cataclysm 2015 Video

We are about 50 days out from the inaugural Catalysm event hosted by the Madison Area Aquatic Hobbyists, and there are already a lot of fish in ‘storage’ for the rare catfish auction.  So many that I set up a 150-gallon display tank to house some of them, and am going to show videos of the tank on a regular basis until the event.  So what about Cataclysm?

  • October 16 – 18, 2015
  • Great speakers – Mike Hellweg, Barbie Fiorentino, Nathan Lujan, Rob McLure, Stephan Tanner
  • Rare catfish auction held through out the day on Saturday (17th)
  • All aquarium swap meet on Sunday
  • Vender room and room sellers
  • Food and beverage
  • An open house in my fish room on Friday afternoon

You can see the details at, where you can also register for the event.  Also check out the FaceBook page: which is where we will make a lot of updates and announcements.

What about this tank?  Well… it is a 150-gallon Aqueon aquarium.  The stand and filter system are from  The light is from Current USA.  In all, there are bits and pieces of this set from as many of the Cataclysm sponsors as I could cover.  I will be making a video about that too…  Here is the introduction of some of the great fish into the tank:

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August 27, 2015 · 12:02 am

U.S. Virgin Islands

This has been a Summer for checking items off of my bucket list.  We took a family vacation in June to the U.S. Virgin Islands, and I finally had the chance to see Caribbean reefs in person.  I shot a lot of video, and will post several from the trip.  These first two are from St. Thomas.  The first is from a boat trip we took out to a sanctuary, and the second is from the cave at the hotel.  The third is a snorkling tour in Trunk Bay, one of the highlights in the Virgin Islands National Park on and around St. Johns.  The shorelines of the US Virgin Islands are covered in reef animals.  You can hardly go wrong putting on a mask and jumping in the water…



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Introducing – Ted’s Most Excellent gel food

I have been working for the past few months on a Repashy Superfood formula of my own, and it is now ready to be offered for sale.  I am calling it Ted’s Most Excellent, because it is truly a food that benefits a lot of different kinds of fish.  I have not found anything that will not eat it…. yet.  Let me know if you do!

Here is a video of the food in action:


TME started out as three different foods, each designed to meet a specific goal.  They were eventually combined into one, and TME was born.  Those goals were:

  • Make a conditioning diet for breeding fish that can replace black worms, especially for Corydoras sp. and Apistogramma sp.  I use a lot of black worm, and they are expensive.  The food I designed has allowed me to cut my black worm use by 2/3… and I have reports from breeders who tested the food for me that they were able to get good production with no black worms at all when feeding this food!
  • Make a highly nutritious diet that triggers fish to feed quickly so that wild fish can get good food during quarantine and be acclimated before they ship.  TME does this.  I use it with everything within a few hours after the fish arrive in the fish room, and everything is eating it readily within a couple days.
  • Make a food so packed with nutrition that fish can be fed less of it less frequently with no malnutrition.  I need the food to do this so I can spend less money feeding fish, and so that a well fed fish can be purged and shipped, often no seeing any food for 3-5 days, with no ill effects on the fish.  TME has proven very effective at keeping purged fish in good condition, even small tetras.

The biggest difference between TME and the other Repashy Superfood diets is that I chose more expensive ingredients and use them in higher concentrations.  Think of TME as a ‘super premium’ Repashy gel food.  All the advantages of Repashy Superfood… but amplified.

The keys to the food’s success are in what is in the food, and what is NOT in the food.  I emphasized proteins that are very attractive to all fish:  mussel, insect, krill, squid, shrimp, fruit…  And I stayed away from flavors that can turn some fish off, namely fish.  There are no fish proteins in this diet at all.  Piscivore species are just as attracted to mollusks and crustaceans, so there is no harm in leaving the fish out.  The result is a fish food that fish are immediately attracted to the first time they smell it.

Ted’s Most Excellent is available in the Stock Shop in the standard Repashy jars sizes that I carry: 3oz, 6oz, 12oz and 70.4oz (2 kg).  Please check it out.  You will also find the ingredients list and nutritional analysis in the Stock Shop:

Ted’s Most Excellent in the Stock Shop


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Bottom Scratcher!

The newest formula from Repashy Superfood, Bottom Scratcher, is now available in the Stock Shop.  This diet was formulated with the bottom-feeding invertebrate eaters in mind.  It is a great food for whiptail cats, Hypancistrus, cory catfish and anything else that likes insect larvae, mollusks and crustaceans.  There is no fish protein in this diet.  Clink on the image below for details:


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Catfish From Peru

Here is a video highlighting some of the fish that recently arrived from Peru.  The order was predominantly catfish, and so is the video.  Enjoy…

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Pre-Sales Opportunity – Czech Dwarf Cichlids

I am offering a pre-sales opportunity to order dwarf cichlids from the Czech Republic this week.  Here is a link to the downloadable order spreadsheet:

Czech Preorder

Please read the instructions and notes at the top of the spreadsheet.  Here are the essentials:

  • Orders are due by Wednesday, July 8.
  • Fish will arrive to me on July 13.
  • You will receive an invoice for your fish and overnight shipping on Tuesday, July 14, please pay by Wednesday, July 15.
  • Fish will be fed on Monday & Tuesday, then purged on Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Fish will ship to you on Thursday afternoon for Friday AM arrival, unless we make other arrangements before I accept your order.

All the prices are per fish, even on the lines that say ‘pairs’.  Those line items are SUPPOSED to be shipped in even sex ratios.  Fish will be shipping to you in the sex ratio that I get them.  Expect even ratios, or close to it.  Please do not order one-sided ratios, such as 1 male and three females.  I cannot ask Czech for that, and get what I get.  Neither can I guarantee the quality or size of the fish, but I have ordered many times from this supplier and have been happy with the stock that arrives 95% of the time.

I do not have pictures of the different fish.

That’s about it… contact me if you have any questions.

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New TedsFishroom Stock Shop & Store

After months of work figuring out how to do it, the new Stock Shop and Store website is operational!  Hopefully this new site will make ordering livestock, Repashy Superfood and supplies easier than before.

Please register as a customer on the site.  No purchase necessary.  Customers (as opposed to Guests and Visitors) we have access to bigger discounts on sale items and other incentives.

Put the site through its paces, and let me know if you find any bugs.  I am really nervous about this launch!

Click to logo below to go see the new site:


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