I now have a Repashy Superfood – produced gel food of my own design:  Ted’s Most Excellent   Here is a video about it:

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I am very proud to provide Repashy Superfoods on my website.  I fully endorse all of these fish foods, otherwise I would not be selling them!  The best fish food that I ever used before these Repashy formulas was a gel-based food that I made myself, but the expense and labor involved just cost too much.  When I learned that a gel-based food with quality ingredients was being brought to market, I got involved with testing the foods.  I am very impressed, and so are my fish.  The following videos will tell you more.

Here is a great video posted on YouTube by Paul showing how quickly his fish take to Spawn & Grow:

Click on the icons to see a complete description and ingredients list for each formula:

Redrum-PDP Morning Wood



There are a lot of advantages to using Repashy Superfoods, but here are the few that are the big selling points for me.

  • Less than 5% of the dry mass of the food is binder, and the binding agent is a digestible, water-soluble derivative of algae that is also palatable.  Most dry foods are 20-40% indigestible grain-based binders.  Gelling agents in other gel foods (collagen or agar agar) are not very palatable, hard to digest, compose a much higher percentage of the food mass and too slow at dissolving in water (yes… you want the food to release from the gel eventually).
  • Quality ingredients and vitamin-enriched.  All animal protein is whole aquatic organism meal (squid, krill and sardine).  Plant protein does not come from grain glutens (wheat, corn, rice or soy).  Algae, pea and other high-nutrient plant protein sources are used.
  • The longevity of the food and nutrients in water permits a more natural way of feeding.  No more ‘gorge then starve’ cycles two times a day.  Fish can graze on a block of Repashy that slowly dissolves in water (24-48 hours… though my fish never let it last that long).

Those three reasons alone convinced me to try the food.  The results on conditioning breeders, growing fry and the general health and vibrance of all my fish have convinced me to feed Repashy as the stable diet in my fish room.

Feeding Discs

Feeding discs are my answer for how to present the food in the upper levels of the aquarium to fish that are not inclined to go to the bottom to feed.  They really work!  The discs are also useful for providing feeding stations on the bottom if you do not want the food free-floating across the substrate.  Here is a video about using the discs:

Here are some of the many responses I have gotten from customers who are using Repashy Superfood:

“Dear Ted,

I got the food in on Monday and have been too busy to prepare it until today. I followed the directions from your video and the food gelled up just fine.  I fed it for the first time tonight and WOW did my fish go nuts for the community blend! Thanks again for offering this great product, I am sure I will need more in the future :-)”

– Tracy Linn

“My fish love it.  A couple of species didn’t recognize it at first, but I crumbled some of it and swished it around in water column.  Once the saw it and gave it a bite, they were hunting it down.  Now they chase it to the bottom of the tank and attack it like sharks on bait ball.  It takes about 5 min. to make a batch, so easy prep, great nutrition and fish like it.”

– Keith C.

“I have been using the Repashy for a little over a week now and seeing great results with new world juvis and fry.  Consistently full bellies for a week straight and no wasted food.   Takes away the need for feeding multiple times a day.”

– Joe

“In the last four days I have had seven pairs of angels lay eggs. 1 on Friday, 4 on Saturday, and 2 today.

They have been eating the Repashy almost exclusively for the past two weeks. Do you think that that might have something to do with it?   LOL”

– Jeff K

I got a 16 ounce pack of the Shrimp Soufflé that was donated by Repashy at the RAS Auction and then a sample of each that Ted donated for samples (Soilent Green, Community Plus, Meat Pie, and Shrimp Soufflé). When I got home I decided to mix all four of the samples together and give it a try. I fed it to some of my more common fish and they went ballistic! I then fed some to my prized Betta macrostoma and they went after it like it was live bait! I’ve been in the hobby for more than 25 years and make a lot of my own foods and I’m very impressed by the ease and time to prep this food and the versatility! Thanks Ted! Great Stuff!

“ACC in NC” – Charlotte Area A. S. forum

I just bought some of the Repashy food at the ACA convention in Indy and our fish went wild! Our large male Frontosa ate the first cube I dropped in the tank in one gulp, but now that they know they have a grazing food I think it’s going to work out well for all of our different fish – large and small. Thanks for a great product!

– Jan S

I have been feeding my fancy goldfish Soilent Green and they love it!
I have had issues in the past with some of mine getting floaty after
eating, and since feeding them Soilent Green they are doing so much
better. In fact, no more floaty issues at all! I’ve made my own gel
food, tried mazuri gel and all the premium brands of pellets, but
nothing compares to Repashy.

– Kathy


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