Repashy Feeding Disc


These fired ceramic feeding discs are designed specifically for presenting Repashy Superfood to fish in the upper and middle levels of your aquarium.  The discs come with a suction cup and hook to hold the feeder in place.  The heavy feeder can also be used to provide a feeding station on the bottom of the aquarium.  There are three sizes to choose from:  2″ deep (food will be about 1/4″ thick), 2″ shallow (food will be about 1/8″ thick) and 3″ shallow.  Discs are sold with suction cup hooks in groups of 4, 8 or 12.  There is also a starter pack of 2 discs of each size, and a 4-of-each 12 pk for the most versatility.

Here is a picture of the 4-of-each 12pk:


Here is a video of how they work:

Price: from $15.00
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