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  1. Mike

    Hello, I like your clay feeders.
    I have tropical fish.
    On average the fish are about the size of Neon Tetra and a little larger.
    Which clay discs do you recommend?

    Thank you,

    • tjudy

      I like the 2″ deep for small fish. You can put a lot or a little food into it, and because the food is protected from current by the deeper cup it will last longer in tanks with fewer fish.

  2. I’m new with cichlids. My 55 gallon has Africans. My 29 has German gold ram males(3)and 6 zebras. I’m checking in with you to see if you have female gold rams,is it possible that I can purchase some females and how many?

    • tjudy

      Hello Theresa… I do not have any rams at the moment. You can check on my stock list any time on the livestock page linked in the top menu of this website.

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