New Fish This Week

A small, but interesting order arrived today with fish from West Africa and South America… all WILD fish:

  • Corydoras adolfoi, duplicareus & davidsandsi
  • Apisto. mixed species (looks like pertensis, gephrya & aggie… all wild from Brazil)
  • Dicrossus filamentosus
  • Pelvicachromis taeniatus ‘Lobe’ & ‘Makoure’
  • Pelvicachromis humilis ‘Friya’
  • Enigmatochromis lucanusi (the blue fin ‘krib’)
  • Nannostomus marginatus – dwarf pencilfish
  • Polypterus ornatipinnis – ornate bicher 7″!!!
  • Otocinclus affinis
  • Atya gabonense – vampire shrimp
  • Fundulopanchax deltaensis – a mop-spawning killi from Nigeria



Plants on Monday!!!!!!


Another Unknown Apisto…

This fish came in being sold as ‘black chin’, which it most definitely is not…


What is it?

I recently imported a lot of dwarf cichlids from the Czech Republic, and the fish in this video was sold as sp. ‘Abacaxis’, which it most certainly is not!  What is it?  I have not been able to nail it down with the key in the Mergus atlas.  I think it may be caetei or regani, but those are not quite right either.  If you know, please tell me!

Highlights of New Fish in the Stock Shop

I brought in some fish last week.  Everything is acclimated, doing well and will be ready to ship next week.  I figure we have about another week of safe shipping before the Holiday crush sets in.  Here are the highlights:

  • Galaxy rasbora (Danio margaritatus, wild)
  • Danio choprae (wild)
  • Botia kubotai (wild)
  • Clown loach 1.75″ and 2.5″ (wild)
  • Corydoras loxozonas (wild)
  • Corydoras metae (wild)
  • Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (wild, Columbia)
  • Apistogramma alacrina (wild, Columbia)
  • Pea puffer (wild, India)
  • Indian medaka rice fish (Oryzias melastigma)
  • Sewellia lineolata (wild)
  • Dawkinsia (Puntius) rohani (wild, India) VERY RARE
  • Rose badis (Badis singenensis (sp. Buxar) (wild, India)

Chris Moscarell’s Fish Room

I recently had the chance to visit one of the premier soft-water species breeders in the country, and this is his fish room!  Chris has the reputation of being an expert Apistogramma breeder, which he is, but that description sells him short.  His success with apistos is an extension of his ability to maintain truly blackwater conditions in his aquariums.  He is also a very successful breeder of tetras and cories.  Chris is a man of diverse interests who finds the time for fish, rifles and building cars…. pretty much from scratch!  He is a chemist by trade, which has helped him to overcome what is probably the worst set of water parameters coming out of his well.  Suffice to say that his water filtration/reverse osmosis system probably never stops.  He literally has to make every drop of water that goes into his tanks!