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New Fish This Week

A small, but interesting order arrived today with fish from West Africa and South America… all WILD fish:

  • Corydoras adolfoi, duplicareus & davidsandsi
  • Apisto. mixed species (looks like pertensis, gephrya & aggie… all wild from Brazil)
  • Dicrossus filamentosus
  • Pelvicachromis taeniatus ‘Lobe’ & ‘Makoure’
  • Pelvicachromis humilis ‘Friya’
  • Enigmatochromis lucanusi (the blue fin ‘krib’)
  • Nannostomus marginatus – dwarf pencilfish
  • Polypterus ornatipinnis – ornate bicher 7″!!!
  • Otocinclus affinis
  • Atya gabonense – vampire shrimp
  • Fundulopanchax deltaensis – a mop-spawning killi from Nigeria



Plants on Monday!!!!!!



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2 x 350 Aquarium Makeover

Here is a video of a recent aquarium makeover I did.  The tanks are two 350-gallon monsters set side by side so that they look like one long 700-gallon tank.  These aquariums have been running for several years, and were not very well maintained.  Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), the previous keeper was unable (or unwilling) to keep the filters clean, and the owners went looking for someone else to do the job.  I apologize for the iPhone video.  I did not think about documenting the project when I started, and the phone was all I had with me when I realized I should probably make a blog video.


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The Aquatic Experience

Here is an event I am very sorry to miss.  The Aquatic Experience is happening right now for the first time.  This is the first all aquarium consumer trade show I know of ever happening in the USA.  Lots of all pet industry shows, but this one is just for the fish geeks.  If you are anywhere near Chicago, you should go.  If you are no near Chicago, try for a cheap flight into O’Hare (relatively near the event) and get there.  This video is really just a preview.  I was able to godown there today and shoot it.  GO TO THE EVENT!!!!  (go to www.aquaticexperience.org to get specific information)

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Steven Chester’s Fish House

I am over in England to attend and make a presentation at the British Cichlid Association Fall event (September 8, 2013), and I brought Matthew with me a few days early to do a bit of touring and visit a few hobbyists in the Liverpool area.  This fish house belongs to Steven Chester, a gifted fish breeder and aquarist at a public aquarium.  I have known Steven through apistogramma.com for some time, and getting the chance to meet him face to face and see his operation was really very special.  He is in the process of remodeling his fish house, so the video should a bit of the old and the new.  Enjoy…


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Monterey Bay Aquarium – Open Sea

Over a year ago I posted a series of videos of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but when I was there the Open Sea exhibit was undergoing a major renovation.  I was able to use my iPhone to shoot some footage of the completed tank when I was in Monterey last weekend.  To be honest, I had forgotten that I had not been able to include a video of the Open Sea exhibit in the original series, and did not take my video camera to California with me.  The iPhone did a decent job, though the resolution is not as clear as I would like and the brightness is lacking.  But the aquarium is dimly lit…  Our timing of the visit was good though.  We caught one of the daily feedings!  Enjoy…

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A Visit to Anthony Mazeroll’s Fish Room

I visited the COAST aquarium club in southern California a few weeks ago, and one of our tour stops was Dr. Anthony Mazeroll’s fish room.  Dr. Mazeroll is a Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies at Soka University of America.  His work on wild fish genetics and environmental impact of humans takes him all over the world.  His fish interests are just as broad.  He has a huge DIY aquarium in his living room that is full of Lake Tanganyika cichlids.  His fish room has a fish diversity from fancy bettas to wild discus.  Dr. Mazeroll is a man truly dedicated to tropical fish, both professionally and as a hobby.  Enjoy….

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Carinotetraodon borneensis… Borneo Red Eye Puffer

I have always liked puffers, but I have not taken advantage of many opportunities to keep them.  When this species popped up I decided to import a bunch of them and see how they do.  What an awesome aquarium fish!  C. borneensis is very uncommon in the hobby, which is why we do not know a lot about it.  It is very similar to the C. irrubesco, which is more common, so we can extrapolate a lot.  My first surprise was how large he males came in.  When I think of the genus Carinotetraodon, I think of the pea puffer fron India (C. travancoricus).  The Borneo red eye is larger… but does not grow as large as the true Tetraodon sp.  I learned one lesson the hard way… do not kep them with cory cats.  You will see what I mean in the video….


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Singapore Plant Order Time!!!!


Where can you get cool plants like this Mayaca seweliniana?  I get them from Singapore when I am able to put in an order.  Unfortunately, I am only able to take advantage of it a few times a year.  Now is one of those times, so I thought that we might try something different.  I very, very, very rarely do pre-orders for anything.  I prefer to get stock in, acclimate it and then offer it once I know it is good.  Plants are different than fish though.  They come in GREAT and are best when they can be sent out as fast as possible.  So let’s see if doing pre-orders works out.

Please note that this list is all the aquatic plant species that the exporter MIGHT have, and that the fill rate is usually 70% or less.  So please do not get mad at me if they do not send that really rare plant you desperately want.  The stem plants are priced per stem, and will come to you as loose stems… no rubber band or lead weight.  You should also assume that if the description says ‘bulb’ that it will not have a shoot coming out of it.

I need orders (use the contact button above) by Tuesday, January 22.  The plants will arrive to me the following Monday.  I will let you know what filled and give you a chance to add to it from other stock, then invoices will go out.  I need to be able to ship on that Tuesday or Wednesday.

Here is a link to the plant list:  SINGAPORE PLANT PRE-ORDER LIST


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Panda Barbs Spawning

My panda barbs are some of my favorite fish.  Very active, very pretty, very prolific and always willing to put on a show.  Here they are engaging in their daily spawning routine.  This happens about an hour after the lights come on, and continues until I feed them.  I am sure that if I removed the fish from this aquarium I would have thousands of fry appear in a few days.  When I want to collect eggs, all I have to do is move the male and one female to a 2.5-gallon tank with a yarn mop and they will happily fill it with hundreds of eggs.  Enjoy…

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I am running a series of auction on AquaBid for the next couple weeks.  I do not do this very often.  When I am selling something on auction I remove the price from the in stock list and will not sell the fish until the auction in done.  In place of the prices there are links to the auctions for that species.  Here is a link to my auctions on AB:  Ted’s Auctions

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