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Bolt (Volt) Catfish – Aguarunichthys torosus

Here is a ‘monster’ fish that is not so much a monster.  The bolt catfish is predatory cat that grows up to be about 13″, so not outrageously large.  They are active catfish with voracious appetites, and are really really good and chasing down and killing small fish.  The fish in this video have only been here a few days, and they are settling in nicely.  When they got here they were in pretty bad shape, as evidences by the few that are really thin and some bent and eroded barbels, but they are coming around.  I am feeding them guppies, Repashy Meat Pie gel food, black worms and chopped earthworm.


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New Peru Order

A new import from Peru arrived last week with a lot of cool fish that I have not brought in before.  The price lists are updated on the livestock page.  Here are some of the highlights:

Corydoras stenocephalus – Rio Ucayali


Corydoras cf. semiaquilus – Rio Napo


Corydoras orcesi


Elachocharax pulcher


Trochilocharax ornatus


Hyphessobrycon sp. ‘bleeding blue’


Hyphessobrycon ‘red’


Lots of splash tetras…



Candelita tetra



Odontocharacidium aphanes


I have not started photographing the Apistogramma yet, but new fish include:

  • 3 different locations of A. cacatuoides
  • A. nijsseni
  • A. sp. Oregon
  • A. pantalone
  • A. bitaeniata ‘Rio Yavari’
  • A. atahualpa
  • A. alphuayo
  • A. baenschi
  • A. paulmueller ‘Apache’
  • A. ortagai ‘papagayo’

There are also some oddball catfish:  Helogenes marmoratus, Myoglanis koepckei & Denticetopsis seducta

And… because lots of you have asked for them….  more red wolf fish!  Erythrinus erythrinus


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Unpacking A Fish Order

Here is a video on a subject that I have been wanting to show you for a while…. unpacking a large order of fish.  A lot of planning goes into getting a new order of fish into the fish room, especially am import from out of the country.  In this case, 30 boxes from Peru!!!


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Packing & Shipping Corydoras Catfish – Part 1

We have covered the basics of shipping fish, now let’s take a look as some of the specific types of fish and some special considerations for shipping them.  First up, armoured catfish of the Genera Corydoras, Brochis and other similar species.  Catfish are probably some of the more difficult fish to ship because of their frequent puncturing of the bag and the toxic skin excretions.  These challenges can be overcome with a few tricks in packing, which I share in the video (in two parts).  Enjoy…


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Pier Aquatics, England

If Pier Aquatics is not one of the top ten aquarium stores in the world, I want to see video of ten that are better….


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Shipping Fish Again… New Stock List

Summer is coming to an end, and I am now back to getting in some fish.  Watch the blog for some video posts about what I have been doing all summer.  Here is a link to the current stock list.  Jump on these fish early, especially the wild fish from Peru.  I do not have many and when they are gone they are gone until next year.

Stock List

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A Visit to the Bireley’s Fish Room

Here is a glimpse of the fishroom and homestead of my good friends the Bireley’s.  Rich has a love of large tanks and the monster fish that go into them.  Most serious hobbyists have one or two large tanks, maybe up to a 220 gallon (my largest is only 110!).  Rich has several large aquariums, and some even larger vessels for holding fish.  At one point in the video, Rich explains that the fish he is talking about needs a larger tank… the 180 it is in just will not do!  You will also meet Anjoli, Rich and Laura’s daughter, who loves her big fish as much as her dad does.  Great family.  Great fish room.  Enjoy….

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Highlights of New Fish in the Stock Shop

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I brought in some fish last week.  Everything is acclimated, doing well and will be ready to ship next week.  I figure we have about another week of safe shipping before the Holiday crush sets in.  Here are the highlights:

  • Galaxy rasbora (Danio margaritatus, wild)
  • Danio choprae (wild)
  • Botia kubotai (wild)
  • Clown loach 1.75″ and 2.5″ (wild)
  • Corydoras loxozonas (wild)
  • Corydoras metae (wild)
  • Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (wild, Columbia)
  • Apistogramma alacrina (wild, Columbia)
  • Pea puffer (wild, India)
  • Indian medaka rice fish (Oryzias melastigma)
  • Sewellia lineolata (wild)
  • Dawkinsia (Puntius) rohani (wild, India) VERY RARE
  • Rose badis (Badis singenensis (sp. Buxar) (wild, India)

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Aqua Global

I went to Germany in May (2012) to meet with my co-editor of Aquarium International – The Freshwater Magazine and attend the huge InterZoo trade show.  Most of the time was spent ‘working’, but i did manage to do a bit of sightseeing.  We drove through Berlin to get this wholesaler… is that close enough to ‘sightseeing’?

AquaGlobal is not a huge wholesaler, but what the lack is size they make up for in quality and variety.  There are some pretty rare fish there!  They are well known for their catfish selection, and this is due in no small part to one of Aqua Global’s employees… Ingo Seidel.  Anyone into catfish, especially plecos, knows who Ingo is.  Author, photographer, explorer and international speaker, Ingo is also one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  He gave me free access to explore Aqua Global.  Here is a little video tour….

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A Visit to Jim Cormier’s Fish Room

Jim Cormier was my host when visiting the New England Cichlid Association in February, 2012.  We had plenty of time to kill between my arrival in town and the meeting, so im took me to see his fish room.  My assumption was that we were going to his house, but that was not the case.  Jim’s hatchery is located in rental space inside an old industrial mill.  I wish we had places like this in Wisconsin!  I would love to double the size of my room and have it ‘off site’.  Not that I dislike having my fish room in my basement (very convenient), but just think about how easy it would be to ‘get lost’ if the aquariums were on the other side of town!

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