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A new import from Peru arrived last week with a lot of cool fish that I have not brought in before.  The price lists are updated on the livestock page.  Here are some of the highlights: Corydoras stenocephalus – Rio … Continue reading

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New Fish Orders – FINALLY

Every time I think this Winter is over, the forecast calls for more snow.  2-4″ on April 1st?  Really?  If the weatherman is playing a joke, it’s a bad one.  We have warmed up enough that I can start ordering … Continue reading

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Who C.A.R.E.S.? – Tilapia ruweti

T. ruweti is a small, true Tilapia found in the far southeastern sections of the Congo River basin.  It is famous as being the cichlid found in the Okvangu delta, a very unique habitat where the Zambezi River literally empties … Continue reading

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Chromidotilapia guentheri guentheri pair

Hey!  An actual fish video… from my fish room!  About freakin’ time! C. g. guentheri is the most widely distributed species in the genus.  This pair was imported from Ghana, and were said to have been collected in Lake Volta.  … Continue reading

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I have posted a list in the Livestock page of fish that I have available for delivery to the ACA convention next week.  I am not shipping fish right now, so unless you are coming to the ACA convention, please … Continue reading

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