75-gallon Planted Tank (Upstairs) Update

Guess what!  I found the footage that I shot months ago when I intended to make a 2-month update on the planted aquarium projects I started last summer.  I was shooting a new update after doing a major overhaul the other day, but since I found the older footage I will make videos and show you the progress over several months leading up to where I am at on the tanks today.  This episode shows the upstairs 75-gallon 2 months after starting the tank.  Enjoy…

10-gallon Planted Nano Makeover

We were snowbound on Thursday this week, so I decided to to a much needed makeover in my 10-gallon planted nano tank.  This aquarium is an unfiltered tank that sits on my work bench.  Honestly, it gets neglected a lot, which is why it was a bit over grown.  Some of the plants were so think that they were shading themselves.  And I had let the foreground plants get too large and obstruct the midground plants.  This simply would not do!  I received a shipment of plants on Monday (hint hint… check out the livestock page), and there were several that I wanted to play with.  Most notably the Cryptocoryne tonkinensis and the Myriophyllum matagrossense.  I have never done much with myrio plants, so I incorporated two in this cleaned up aquascape.  I also put in different fish, including the very cool neon yellow Microdevario kubotai.  Check it out…

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2dBMSJC_Ho’]

Plants! Plants! Plants!

The sporadic (and on short notice) opportunity to get imported aquarium plants happened last week, and even though these plants are arriving the week before Christmas I went ahead and placed an order.  Not a huge one, and then about 1/3 of what I ordered did not fill… but what is coming in is interesting stuff!  Lots of uncommon stems.  There is a full list on the Livestock page.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Crypt. parva, albida & tonkinensis
  • Bacopa myriophylloides (very cool!)
  • Blyxa alternifolius (new to me… should be interesting)
  • Myrio. scabratum, tuberculatum and matagrossense
  • Val. rubra ‘Serpenta’ (love this plant… narrow leaf w/irregular bends and kinks)
  • Limnophila hippuroides (red and green stem with a dramatic form)
  • Nymphaea rubra bulbs (finally!  bright red triangular leaf dwarf lily)