Panda Barbs Spawning

My panda barbs are some of my favorite fish.  Very active, very pretty, very prolific and always willing to put on a show.  Here they are engaging in their daily spawning routine.  This happens about an hour after the lights come on, and continues until I feed them.  I am sure that if I removed the fish from this aquarium I would have thousands of fry appear in a few days.  When I want to collect eggs, all I have to do is move the male and one female to a 2.5-gallon tank with a yarn mop and they will happily fill it with hundreds of eggs.  Enjoy…

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Barbs from India

I have been interested in barb species from India for a while, and recently managed to import some Dawkinsia rohani.  This is one of the tear drop or filament barbs with a lovely green sheen to the body.  I have been keeping aand breeding Dravidia fasciatus for a couple years.  This is the melon or panda barb (depending upon which common name you prefer).  The trio in this video have produced hundreds of offspring for me, and they are three of my favorite fish.  I felt it was about time to showcase them in a video.  Enjoy!

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