A Visit to the Bireley’s Fish Room

Here is a glimpse of the fishroom and homestead of my good friends the Bireley’s.  Rich has a love of large tanks and the monster fish that go into them.  Most serious hobbyists have one or two large tanks, maybe up to a 220 gallon (my largest is only 110!).  Rich has several large aquariums, and some even larger vessels for holding fish.  At one point in the video, Rich explains that the fish he is talking about needs a larger tank… the 180 it is in just will not do!  You will also meet Anjoli, Rich and Laura’s daughter, who loves her big fish as much as her dad does.  Great family.  Great fish room.  Enjoy….

Fry Rack – Part 2

Surprise!  No wait…

Fry Rack – Part 1

The most recently completed project in the fish room is a rack of plastic bins for growing fry.  I needed more space for small fry, and I wanted to design a system that would be faster and easier to change the water in.  The end product is a rack of twelve 6-gallon bins plumbed to permit flow-through water changes.  Since plastic bins of shallow water are hard to control the temperature in, the rack is also equipped with under-bin heating.  It has been up and running for just about two months, and I am very happy with the results.  This project will be presented in two parts.  The first covers how to assemble the rack, and the second how to install the bins and water change/heating systems.

A Visit to Dave Herring’s Fish Room

Dave Herring is the owner/operator of a long-established aquarium maintenance company in Indianapolis:  African Adventure.  I knew Dave casually as another ‘fish guy’ when I was doing the retail aquarium thing in Bloomington and Indianapolis over 20 years ago.  I ran into Dave at the ACA convention this past July.  He was wearing a t-shirt that I designed and sold at the Louisville ACA convention… back in 1992!

Dave built himself an awesome fish house on the back end of his garage, and he is justifiably proud of it.  He invited some friends and I over for a visit on the Sunday of the convention.  Dave is also the leader of a rock band, and he built a ‘party’ room for his band to perform over the fish house.  Dave’s fish are probably the rockin’est cichlid in the midwest.  Here is Dave’s fish room.  Enjoy!

The Origins of Repashy Superfood

Allen Repashy sent me a Schrek Chia pet to use for feeding Repashy Superfood.  This is a little video I came up with….

A Visit to Rachel O’Leary’s

Rachel O’Leary has earned the reputation of being an excellent source of hard to find freshwater fish and invertebrates.  She supplies mostly nano-fish species, Asian snails (such as fancy nerites), shrimp and crays.  All of her business is run out of her basement fish room, from which she ships dozens of boxes of livestock each week.  You can see what she has to offer here:  Rachel’s Website.

There are lots of cool things in Rachel’s room, but I want to specifically point out the welded iron racks that her husband Chris builds.  These racks are a functional work of art.  Someday I may have to pay for the O’Learys (and their welding equipment) to take a vacation in Wisconsin!

A Visit to Jim Cormier’s Fish Room

Jim Cormier was my host when visiting the New England Cichlid Association in February, 2012.  We had plenty of time to kill between my arrival in town and the meeting, so im took me to see his fish room.  My assumption was that we were going to his house, but that was not the case.  Jim’s hatchery is located in rental space inside an old industrial mill.  I wish we had places like this in Wisconsin!  I would love to double the size of my room and have it ‘off site’.  Not that I dislike having my fish room in my basement (very convenient), but just think about how easy it would be to ‘get lost’ if the aquariums were on the other side of town!

Getting Started w/Repashy Superfoods

As promised, here is a video with more detail on mixing and using the Repashy Superfoods.  There are many different ways to present the food to fish.  Be creative!  Everyone would like to hear about you ideas, so post them in this blog thread if you want to.

I will be traveling to several aquarium events this year.  If you would like me to deliver the food to you at one of them, here is what you need to do.  Go ahead and use the on line shopping cart, but choose manual payment instead of Pay Pal.  At check out, leave me a note in the instructions box to bring the food with me to whatever event you will be at.  An email reminder would help too.  When we settle up you can pay me cash or check, and we will back out the cost of shipping.  You will only pay to price of the product.

My next visit will be to the New England Cichlid Association in CT on February 4th.  After that I will be in Raleigh for the club’s workshop the weekend of Feb. 18.  Hope to see you there!

Ted’s Fish Room – Water

At long last!!!!  Here is the next installment to the Ted’s Fishroom series on the topic of water.  There is no way the topic of water can be covered well in an hour-long video, much less a five minute video!  This is just the basics of what to think about, and one way that I make the onerous job of water changing just a little easier.  One of my New Year resolutions is to automate water changing in my fish room this year, and if I manage to get it done I will be sure to post a video blog series about how I did it.

Select Aquatics of Erie, Colorado

Greg Sage is a talented aquarist who has built a viable business out of his hobby in his basement.  I have never seen a more productive fish room!  The number and quality of fish Greg has is astounding.  And his fish room is designed to make it possible.

Select Aquatics is a retail business.  If you are interested in purchasing some of Greg’s fish, feel free to contact him through his web site:  Select Aquatics