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Out of the Old… Into the New!

Here is a first glimpse of TedsFishroom 3.0.  I am moving my hobby out of the warehouse and back into my basement…

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A new import from Peru arrived last week with a lot of cool fish that I have not brought in before.  The price lists are updated on the livestock page.  Here are some of the highlights: Corydoras stenocephalus – Rio … Continue reading

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Feeding Time!

I love to feed fish.  I think that we all do.  I especially like it when the fish I am feeding are aggressive on the food, and the best food for that is live black worms.  Here is a video … Continue reading

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Ted’s NEW Fishroom – Aquariums & Racks

There are many factors that you need to consider when planning a new fish room, but one of the first is to decide what size tanks are needed and a lay out for the racks (at least a rough layout… … Continue reading

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The New & Improved Ted’s Fishroom!

Here we go…  it has not been a secret that I had to tear down my old fish room and build a new one, but I have not been posting much specifically about the new space.  This is the first … Continue reading

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Aquarium Racks in a Fish Room

Finally!  Episode 5 of the Ted’s Fishroom series.  Sorry to take so long, but the trip to Gabon and subsequent trips all over the place put me behind in making videos.  This installment is about building racks for aquariums.  I … Continue reading

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