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Paradise Fish

I have not posted a video of fish in my room in a while.  Here is a clip of some new acquisitions… paradise gouramies.  I have always admired the showiness of this genus (Macropodus), and I recently had the opportunity to photograph some great looking specimens and then keep them to try to breed.  The aquarium they are in is one of my new photography tanks.  I will be posting a video series about setting them up and maintaining them.  Enjoy…


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Honey gouramies!

Colisa sota, the honey gouramie, is one of my all-time favorite fish.  Peaceful, small (but with attitude), colorful and intelligent.  The fish in this video are third generation in my fish room.  The male is tending a nest, and the fry from this spawn are now large enough to sex out.  I gave the pair in the video to a friend who wanted to try spawning them, so when the fish I have now breed they will produce a 5th generation.  This species must be genetically robust, because all I have ever done is spawn a single pair to get a new generation to work with and I have not seen any indication of reduced vitality in the line or any deformities.  My original pair, four years ago, were wild-caught fish.  I see this species infrequently in fish stores, but when they are there the price is reasonable and the quality looks pretty good.  This is a good species to work with if you want to try spawning a gouramie.

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