Marcel Wuethrich’s Fish Room

My friend Marcel is a gifted aquarist with a true talent for planted aquariums, aquascaping and breeding rainbow fish.  He maintains two large planted tanks (180 gallon and 72 gallon) as displays, and a small nano aquarium that is his ‘experiment’… natural light, no filtration, no heat and only snails and shrimp for fauna.  You will get a good look at all of them in the video.  Marcel also applies the basic principles from his planted displays to his rainbow fish breeding and rearing tanks in the basement.  One of the keys to his success with planted aquariums is layered substrates, which he also makes us of in his breeding tanks by planting on pots.  Thank you Marcel for letting us in for a glimpse of your fish room!

Ted’s Fishroom – Electricity

The third installment of my fish room series talks about the basics of electricity when setting up a room.  There are two basic concepts to consider.  First, make sure that there is enough capacity in the room to meet projected needs.  Second, take steps to reduce the energy consumption of the room.  Electricity is the most expensive consumable in a fish room.  I know more than a few people who have been caught by surprise by a higher-than-expected electricity bill after turning on a new rack of tanks.  As with anything, there is a way to go cheap and a way to go expensive.  When it comes to electricity, however, paying up front for more energy-efficient equipment (air pumps, space heaters, appliances and especially lights) will earn their money back in energy savings.