InterZoo 2012

Many of the largest pet industry companies in the world gather every other year in Nurnberg, Germany, for InterZoo… one of the two largest distributor trade shows in the world (the other is Aquarama, held in opposite years in Singapore).  All aspects of the pet trade are represented, and the aquarium displays steal the show.  From huge koi ponds to nano tanks (both fresh and marine), everything available in the hobby can be seen at InterZoo.  Here is a video of only of small sampling of the cool stuff I saw this year.

New Plants on the Livestock List

I am trying something new… plants.  My interest in planted aquariums has increased to the point where I am making use of a lot more species, so I had lot shipped in from Singapore.  The extras are listed at the bottom of the livestock page. – Kris Weinhold’s Excellent Blog

Matthew and I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with Kris and Lauren Weinhold while we are visiting the Raleigh A. S. Spring workshop last weekend.  Kris is a very aquarist and photographer who is very active in the club scene as a speaker, writer and with home club GWAPA.  Kris’s blog ( is a great resource for aquarium advice, and just a fun place to go to see a lot fo great photography.  I followed Kris around the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and watched him take incredible pictures without a flash…  I have a lot to learn.

Marcel Wuethrich’s Fish Room

My friend Marcel is a gifted aquarist with a true talent for planted aquariums, aquascaping and breeding rainbow fish.  He maintains two large planted tanks (180 gallon and 72 gallon) as displays, and a small nano aquarium that is his ‘experiment’… natural light, no filtration, no heat and only snails and shrimp for fauna.  You will get a good look at all of them in the video.  Marcel also applies the basic principles from his planted displays to his rainbow fish breeding and rearing tanks in the basement.  One of the keys to his success with planted aquariums is layered substrates, which he also makes us of in his breeding tanks by planting on pots.  Thank you Marcel for letting us in for a glimpse of your fish room!