First Shipment of Repashy Foods

Thank you everyone who has been ordering Repashy Superfood.  Allen sent me a note today saying that tomorrow is production day and he will ship on Wednesday.  I am excited!  (And out of a couple types of food… so I hope it gets here quickly).  I promise that the moment it arrives I will start packing shipments to go out.

I also have lists of ingredients on the product pages now, so go check it out.  The most common question I have gotten is about the ingredients.  The second most common question is about the cost analysis of using the food compared to flake and pellet.  I am going to shoot another video that shows in greater detail the amount of food that 1 oz makes.  I will get that posted on Tuesday.

As with anything that is measured in weight, the cost per feeding goes down as the amount purchased increases.  The 64 oz size bag calculates out to $1.09 per oz.  1 oz = 1 pound of food.  The video shows me making about 1 pound of food.  That deli cup I use as a mold holds about 1/2 pound.  The 1/2 pound feeds my fish room (70 aquariums), so my room costs about $.55 to feed.  That is comparable (or even less expensive) than high-end pellet foods like Xtreme (which I love, and use a lot of).

When I post with the new video I will break the costs and value down for you some more.

I also made a change in the Stock Shop.  Shipping is now included on orders $75 and higher.  That should help.  If you are ordering fish, please note that when you add fish to your shopping cart you need to choose either the Priority Mail price or the Express Mail price.  The free shipping at $75 includes fish.

Repashy Superfoods in New Stock Shop!

This website has a new Stock Shop.  The links are at the top of the right hand side bar.  I have had a lot of requests to automate the Stock Shop, so here you go.  Please be kind if we experience some hiccups!  Please note… due to the cost differences in shipping, if you order fish and dry goods you will need to purchase shipping options for each type separately (one shipping for fish, the other for the dry goods).  Also… fish shipments may be delayed by weather, and we just had out first Winter blast here in Wisconsin.  If you want me to bring the fish to a meeting that I am speaking at, please send me an email BEFORE you place your order.  I have to pay to check bags in order to transport fish, so there will still be a shipping charge for me to carry fish to you (unless I am driving… send me an email).

Repashy Superfoods!!!!!!!!!!

I have not been this excited about a new product since polyether foam for Hamburg matten filters finally showed up in the states (thank you Stephan at  Allen Repashy’s well known reptile and feeder insect gel food formulas are well known in the herp hobby, and now Allen has brought his knowledge and creativity to fish food.  These gel foods are a revolution in feeding fish.  I was fortunate enough to have the chance to test the foods (thank you Allen and Rachel O’Leary!!!), and I endorse them so much that I am going to sell the foods.

Before you think, ‘What a scam… he is pumping a food just to sell it’, please understand that five years ago I swore off selling dry goods for the hobby altogether to concentrate on writing, photography and breeding fish.  Maintaining an investment in merchandise inventory is hard on the wallet.  I am selling Repashy SuperFoods so you have a place to get it.  And you should get it!  Check out the video:

I cannot express enough how much of a positive impact I know these gel foods will have on the hobby.  I have been out of my test samples for almost two weeks, and am waiting impatiently for the first order to arrive so I can start feeding it again

The Stock Shop for the superfoods is open, but they will not ship until they arrive here.