Lamprologus ocellatus ‘Gold’

One of my Lake Tanganyika communities pairs the shell-dwelling Lamprologus ocellatus ‘gold’ with the more open-water Paracyprichromis nigripinnis.  The shellies are a lot of fun to watch because they are very territorial and do not realize that they are small.  The tank is a 50-gallon ‘breeder’ with a matten-filter wall (Poret foam) that is air driven with two lift tubes.  The substrate is mostly white silica sand mixed with a little bit of darker fine gravel for contrast.  The gold ocellatus dig quite a bit, and I keep them busy by stirring up the sand every water change.

Lepidiolamprologus hecqui with fry

One of the Lake Tanganyika communities in my fish room combines a small colony of Tropheus duboisi and a pair of Lepidiolamprolugus hecqui.  The L. hecqui is a really cool shell-dwelling lamp that does not get as large, or as nasty, as the more familiar Lepidiolamprologus species (L. kendalli, for example).  I started with six of them, but a pair quickly established their dominance and I had to remove the others.  This video is from the pair’s first spawn.  I will shoot a new clip soon to show how much they have grown in the past six months.