Using Repashy to Administer Medications

Repashy Superfoods are versatile.  One of the first ‘alternative’ uses I discovered was using the food to administer medications.  I have been sitting on this video for a while, but a lot of people have been asking for it.  My concern is that using medications on fish should not be a casual thing, and I do not want to give the impression that it is something that I do all the time.  Quite the contrary.  The most common use of supplementing Repashy with medication is treating newly imported fish in quarantine for internal parasite infestations.  Other than than, I medicate very rarely.  This video is really not much more than an introduction, though it does cover how to mix the meds and food in detail.  Watch for more information about using meds to appear on the web site.  I am working on a page with some more specific information.

New Product: SuperPig – color supplement

One of the advantages of feeding Repashy Superfoods is the ease of supplementing the food with extra ingredients.  I have used Repashy Superfood to administer medications with great success (more on that coming up soon).  Allen and I have talked for quite a while about producing a color enhancement food… all the other food companies have one!  But we came to the conclusions that A) Repashy Superfoods already contain a healthy complement of color enhancing ingredients, and B) you are buying the food for its superior nutrition… not as a color enhancer.

Each of the Repashy Superfood formulas are designed for a specific purpose, and when you find the one your fish do best on, you are unlikely to switch to a more broad-based nutrition just to get the color enhancer.  HOWEVER… enhancing a fish’s color naturally through the use of carotenoids and other natural ingredients is an attractive idea.  We have a compromise for you…

Super Pig – Pigment Enhancement Formula.  This gel food supplement can be added to any Repashy Superfood before mixing up the gel to give your fish a little color boost.  And you do not need a lot of it!  All of the Repashy Superfoods already have some of Super Pig’s effective ingredients in them.  Supplementing 1/4 cup of dry food powder with one tablespoon of Super Pig is all that you need to kick the food into a powerful color enhancer.  Give it a try!


New Shipping Prices – Effective July 21

I have added a new shipping cost level for Repashy Superfood purchased in small quantities.  Now I can ship one or two 2oz packages, or one 4oz package, using USPS First Class Mail for $4.00.  The only negative is that there is no tracking or confirmation available with First Class Mail.  Several customers have asked for small sizes to be shipped more inexpensively so they can try a new food variety for less… now you can!

Repashy Spawn and Grow

Ever thought about the differences between fry and adult fish?  There are a lot of differences, especially with regards to what they need nutritionally in order to grow quickly and with good health.  Repashy Superfoods’ new Spawn & Grow formula is designed with fry in mind.  Here is a video I put together talking about raising fry in general, and how Spawn & Grow can help…

New Repashy Superfoods!

There are two new varieties of Repashy Superfoods:

Super Green – A totally vegan diet

Spawn & Grow – A diet specifically designed as a supplement to promote spawning, fry growth and recovery during quarantine

Both new varieties are now available in the store.

Repashy Superfoods in New Stock Shop!

This website has a new Stock Shop.  The links are at the top of the right hand side bar.  I have had a lot of requests to automate the Stock Shop, so here you go.  Please be kind if we experience some hiccups!  Please note… due to the cost differences in shipping, if you order fish and dry goods you will need to purchase shipping options for each type separately (one shipping for fish, the other for the dry goods).  Also… fish shipments may be delayed by weather, and we just had out first Winter blast here in Wisconsin.  If you want me to bring the fish to a meeting that I am speaking at, please send me an email BEFORE you place your order.  I have to pay to check bags in order to transport fish, so there will still be a shipping charge for me to carry fish to you (unless I am driving… send me an email).

Repashy Superfoods!!!!!!!!!!

I have not been this excited about a new product since polyether foam for Hamburg matten filters finally showed up in the states (thank you Stephan at  Allen Repashy’s well known reptile and feeder insect gel food formulas are well known in the herp hobby, and now Allen has brought his knowledge and creativity to fish food.  These gel foods are a revolution in feeding fish.  I was fortunate enough to have the chance to test the foods (thank you Allen and Rachel O’Leary!!!), and I endorse them so much that I am going to sell the foods.

Before you think, ‘What a scam… he is pumping a food just to sell it’, please understand that five years ago I swore off selling dry goods for the hobby altogether to concentrate on writing, photography and breeding fish.  Maintaining an investment in merchandise inventory is hard on the wallet.  I am selling Repashy SuperFoods so you have a place to get it.  And you should get it!  Check out the video:

I cannot express enough how much of a positive impact I know these gel foods will have on the hobby.  I have been out of my test samples for almost two weeks, and am waiting impatiently for the first order to arrive so I can start feeding it again

The Stock Shop for the superfoods is open, but they will not ship until they arrive here.