Interesting Things to See at the California Academy of Sciences

My family and I took a long weekend trip out to San Francisco and spent a few hours visiting the California Academy of Sciences.  I have been there several times and have posted several more detailed videos.  This video is a fast-paced look at many of the cool things to see at the museum.  Enjoy.

The Aquarium at the Milwaukee Zoo

I went to the Milwaukee Zoo a few months ago and shot some video of the aquarium building there.  The zoo has some nice displays, and the Lake Wisconsin exhibit is the main attraction.  This huge tank is in the center of the building and the rest of the gallery surrounds it.  You can see into the tank from all sides.  Most of the game fish and large ‘minnows’ found in the Wisconsin River system (which includes Lake Wisconsin) are in the tank, including a very cool northern pike.  Enjoy…

San Antonio Zoo – Africa Live!

The Africa Live exhibit at the San Antonio Zoo is one of my favorite galleries to visit, because it features aquariums dedicated to most of the major (or at least famous) freshwater ecosystems that are of interest to aquarium keepers.  And those displays are LARGE.  Most zoos/aquariums have Lakes Malawi and/or Tanganyika exhibits, but most are not on the scale of what you will see at the San Antonio Zoo.  But it is the West African river display that (in my biased opinion) takes the cake!

San Antonio Zoo’s Richard Friedrich Aquarium

One my favorite zoos is the San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium in Texas.  The city is a great place to visit, especially when it is cold up here in Wisconsin, and the sunny weather in south Texas is a great excuse for spending a day outside at the zoo.  I consider this to be a great aquarium hobbyist zoo.  There are at least three areas that display aquariums full of fish that we like to see in our home tanks.  This video will take you inside Richard Friedrich Aquarium building, opened in 1948.  Enjoy…

NC Museum of Natural Sciences

Matthew and I attended the Raleigh A. S. Spring Workshop in February, and while we were there we were treated to a before-hours access tour to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences by Eric Hanneman, one of the museum curators and a long-time friend.  The museum is really well done, and the live displays are some of the best native USA fish aquariums you will see anywhere (props to Eric!!!).  North Carolina has one of the most diverse assemblages of freshwater fish, amphibians and reptiles in the temperate world… and this museum is dedicated to them!  Native fish enthusiasts really need to make a trip to Raleigh just to see the Piedmont stream aquarium… that tank alone is worth the price of admission!  Enjoy…

National Missisippi River Museum

The National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium is one of my family’s favorite places to visit.  Any tme we are traveling near DuBuque, Iowa, we will make the time to stop and spend a couple hours there.  This video was shot in January, 2011, so we were not able to take advantage of the outdoor displays (which are very cool too).  The museum opened a new building in June, 2010.  This is the new River Museum, and has displays about all the USA major rivers.  It also has some live animal displays… which are all salt water.  Huh…?  Regardless, fish aquariums are always fun to look at.  For more information about the museums, visit .

Minnesota Zoo – Sea Dragons

This clip from the Minnesota zoo shows a large aquarium with both leafy and weedy sea dragons.  I have not seen a tank with both species together before.  The leafy dragons were so active that I did not notice the weedy dragons right away.  Photographers note… there are no rules at the Minnesota Zoo limiting the use of flash photography.  Unfortunately the tank is acrylic, so shooting is not easy to do without a slave or remote flash.  My favorite part of this video is when three leafy dragons group together.

Minnesota Zoo – Reef Fish Tank

The Minnesota Zoo has a really nice aquarium area.  One of the tanks is a reef fish tank that is packed with fish.  When Matthew and I visited with our friend, Ken Balfanz, in the Fall of 2010, we were given a tour of the facilities.  One of the highlights was being on hand when this big aquarium was being fed.  Notice the albino sharks!  They were born in this tank, and are apparently quite rare.